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Ellard is the UK’s largest supplier of drives and controls used to automate industrial doors, shutters, garage doors, blinds, awnings and gates. Over the course of the last 67 years, we have developed some of the very best market-leading products supported by the largest technical and customer service teams in the UK.

We are proud of our team here at Ellard. We have built a team that mixes vast knowledge and experience in the door industry with talents who have brought fresh ideas to the way we do things.

We pride ourselves on providing the very best at every stage of the business process and we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality products.


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Here at Ellard, we believe our dedication to being honest and working with integrity is a key reason why we are one of the leading UK brands in the automation industry. We encourage employees to adopt moral principles such as being truthful, respecting others, leading by example and being accountable for daily tasks which makes for a thriving working environment and a better service for our customers.

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We value aligning quality in all elements of our business. From our customer service, to our technical support, to all our products, we believe keeping a high standard is the key to success from start to finish.

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Employee happiness is of the highest importance, therefore we offer the correct support to encourage growth, mental well-being and a comfortable working environment.

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We ensure that we take the most ethical approaches in all business decisions internally and externally. This can range from the way we interact with each other inside the company, to the way we source our products and look after the environment.

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Having an overall standard of knowledge is a principle of Ellard’s culture. Helping our employees thrive with frequent training in both products and skills to maintain a high level of service across the entire workforce is essential in understanding our product range.

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We believe in building healthy and long-term relationships with both our customers and suppliers as these strong partnerships make for a successful and satisfactory experience for all parties involved.



Our mission is to thread these elements into all areas of our business. From internal to external, from first purchase to long-term aftercare, from our products to our service... our team will work hard to exhibit these traits in all business activities. 



If we do not sustain and grow our profits as a business, we cannot sustain and grow our positive impact on our local economy, wider society and the planet, which is why Ellard is customer-focused first and foremost.

Powered by our team’s vast experience, we continue to simplify our automation through collective innovation and strive for the highest level of quality and support.

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We value our people and have worked incredibly hard to build a strong and inclusive culture within the company, making it a great place to work.


We have created an environment where people feel empowered to make improvements and are involved in decisions that impact them and our local communities.

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At Ellard, we believe it is vital to play our part in improving how we act on climate change and have set our Net Zero target (scopes 1 and 2) for 2030.


We continue to pursue sustainable solutions at every stage of our design, sourcing and production (or the best practicable solutions). We know importing a large proportion of our heavy goods from China isn’t ideal, and this is an area we must improve. Now, we do not offset these emissions but acknowledge that reduction and regenerative approaches are the right things to do, in other areas of the business

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At Ellard we are dedicated to providing simplicity without compromising power and performance. We do this by allocating a large proportion of our time and resources into constant innovation to ensure a satisfactory experience everytime.


This philosphy is integrated in every element of Ellard from our products, to our service and beyond.

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