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Access Control for Social Housing

access control for social housing

Access Control for Social Housing

Reno Video Intercom

  • Anthracite/silver finish
  • Video ready
  • 1000 maximum number of homes managed
  • Coded keypad
  • Proximity card reader
  • No visible screws
  • Suitable for all


reno intercom kit


How Does the Door Entry System Work?


  • Receive a call
    • A visitor contact the home/business owner with the entry phone.  Owner’s phone or tablet will ring
  • See* and answer
    • pick up mobile/landline/tablet whether at home or not
  • Open the door (or maybe not!)
    • Open the door by pressing answer, then open
  • Suitable for everyone

*Free MY Intercom App (for Android and iOS)*


Intratone, one of Europe’s largest access control specialists, has launched a new App that allows users to control access to their property from anywhere in the world through their smartphone, tablet or mobile device.

Ideally suited to Housing Associations, Social Housing projects and wider ‘care’ environments, and used in conjunction with Intratone’s existing door entry systems, the 4G-based Video Mobile App enables residents not only to ‘see’ who is at their door but also grant access to legitimate visitors such as friends, family and essential care workers.

The App is simple to use: the visitor’s image appears directly on the mobile giving the user the option of opening the door directly, speaking to the visitor to confirm their identity and purpose for the call, or hanging up.

Response to the App so far has been encouraging, especially for smaller systems where the technology adds a further level of flexibility and control.

As opposed to traditional ‘fixed’ door entry systems, the App can be carried with you and is therefore especially useful for the elderly or less agile who now don’t even have to move to see who is at the door. It also ensures that essential visits won’t be missed.

Ellard sell a range of cost-effective door-entry and access control solutions designed around the customer need. Systems are installed across a range of Housing Association, Social Housing and Private Properties throughout the UK and Europe

Secure Management Platform

A solution for controlling access points with the online secure management platform.

No need to travel to site to change fobs or transmitters

No software to download or computer skills required

Free and unlimited updates and upgrades


Intratone management platform


  • Create, change or delete
    • Code
    • Time scheduled free access
    • Master key
    • Transmitter
  • Manage technical room keys
    • Identification of existing keys
    • Ability to call caretakers to obtain keys
  • Technical alert for monitoring
    • Lifting pump
    • mechanical ventilation system
    • Open door alert
    • Email alert in the event of a malfunction