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City1-Evo Digital Control Panel

city 1 evo-i

city 1 evo

Plug in receiver

The City1-Evo digital control panel  is suitable for plugging in a Personal Pass MR receiver

USC Connector

The City1-Evo unit is equipped with a USB connector for connection with a PC.  By using software V2+ (version 2.0 or higher) it is possible to carry out the following operations;

  • Firmware update of the unit
  • Change of programming parameters
  • Reading information of diagnostics

ADI Interface

The ADI 2.0 advanced interface allows connection with a series of optional modules, please contact  on of the sales team today.  The ADI 2.0 interface allows operation in advance mode, which is activated automatically if an ADI 2.0 device is connected on the dedicated connector.  Up to 8 devices can be connected simultaneously in this mode.

Reading of the Cycle Counter

The City1-Evo digital control unit counts the completed opening cycles of the gate and, if requested, shows that a service is required after  fixed number of cycles.  Once the counter for the number of cycles is zero, the control unit shows the request for service through and additional 5-second pre-blinking.

For more information, to place an order, or arrange a demonstration please contact the Sales & Marketing team today.


Here at Ellard, we have a truly unbeatable range of electric gate motors and gate automation accessories on offer. Whatever the size of your gate or the type of property you own, Ellard will find the best gate automation solution for you. Many of our products, such as this Zariss swing motor, are extremely easy to install and have a large array of accessories. Others, such as underground motors allow you to hide the workings, maintaining the aesthetic of your gate.

The technology that has been used to develop gate automation system in recent years has been nothing short of outstanding. This Ayros sliding gate motor has the power to handle gates of up to 1200kg and also has built-in obstacle detection as well as self learning opening and shutting times. Many of our gate automation systems can be controlled remotely via the use of remote control or by use of your phone. This also adds an extra layer of security to your property as only people who you trust will be able to enter.

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Automated gates look fantastic in front of houses and look professional outside of a commercial property. Add that to their convenience, affordability and security benefits and you have a truly great product. Ellard have been in this business for a long time and know exactly how to deliver top class customer service. We offer full support even after the installation and also have a huge range of performance and safety accessories to get the very best out of your gate automation system. If you would like to know more about any of our products you are more than welcome to contact one of our gate automation experts here.