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Ellard JM Fire Motor Range


Ellard JM Fire Motor Range

fire motor

The Ellard JM Fire Motor Range is available in both single and three phase

The range includes:

Single Phase JM Motors

JM150 – 20 Nm, will lift a shutter with a height of 4 metres (max) and 170Kg max shutter weight

JM500 – 62 Nm, max height 5.5 metres, max weight 750Kg

JM750 – 95 NM max height 7 metres, max weight 750Kg

Three Phase JM Motors

JM200 – 30 Nm will lift a maximum height of 4 metres, maximum weight 200 Kg

JM500 – 62 Nm max height 5.5 metres, max weight 500 Kg

JM750 – 95 Nm max height 7 metres, max weight 750Kg

JM1000 – 128 Nm max height 7 metres, max weight 1000 Kg

JM1500 – 368 Nm max height 13 m, max weight 1500 Kg

JM2200 – 427 Nm max height 14 m, max weight 1800 Kg


JM Fire Motor Accessories

03233 - PP400N Solenoid 1


Manual / Solenoid Release Units

Ellard Solenoid Release are a separate unit that sit on top of any of the Ellard JM Fire Motor Range in order to drop a fire shutter on gravity decent via a fire alarm signal or fusible link.  This is done by the unit giving a signal to release the brake.

The Range Includes:

PP100 – Will drop on fire alarm signal only and will need to manually reset

PP200 – As above but will auto-reset once the up button on the door is pressed

PP300 – Fusible Link only (no fire link).  The Fusible Link will melt at 72°

PP400 – Auto-reset solenoid with Fusible Link.

PP500 – Quartzoid bulb that will ‘pop’ at 72 ° and send the door down.


Ellard FCP Fire Door Control Panel

00133 FCP 2

The FDCP, compatible with the Ellard JM Fire Motor Range is used when a normally open (n/o) Volt Free signal is available, this programmable unit allows for a timed delay before closing the fire shutter.

When the alarm is activated the FDCP gives a loud, audible tone and the front screen will flash ‘WARNING FIRE SHUTTER CLOSING’.

After the delay period has passed the control panel can be set to either release the solenoid or drive the JM motor down.

There is also a setting that will drive the shutter down to 2.1 metres which is known as ‘Smoke Curtain Height’.  The shutter will then fully close after the time delay.

After any of the above programmes the FDCP can be programmed to re-open the shutter when the fire alarm has been re-set.