Fire Control Panel LITE

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Fire Control Panel LITE

Fire Control Panel

Fire Control Panel for use on Tubular Motors driven fire shutters and smoke curtains.

  • Large audiovisual warning “FIRE SHUTTER CLOSING” and 90db sounder (up to 252 secs)
  • Asymmetrical box for top or bottom cable entry
  • Operations for either membrane buttons or external push buttons/key switch connection
  • Impulse Open/Close for use with safety or impulse Open/Deadman down without safety
  • Deadman Open/Close feature to assist with motor limit set up
  • Low voltage control circuit
  • Easy to programme using DIP switches
  • Motor run timer up to 196 secs for extra motor protection
  • Automatic closing facility with delay time feature up to 196 secs
  • Keypad input option, various keypad available
  • Status relay for door running
  • Radio control option
  • Door closing under main power in the event of a fire
  • Panic button option for emergency escape
  • Choice of fire signal activation either by Normally Open (N/O) or Normally closed (N/C) contact
  • Fire alarm confirmation relay
  • Internal status and fault code display
  • Conforms to EN 12453

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Power supply requirements 

The 230v AC 50Hz mains power supply must be provided for the unit to operate. This can be supplied by:

  • A direct connection to 13A fused spur (or)
  • A suitable sized Battery Backup up unit correct for the tube motor to give emergency supply

Normal Operating Conditions

Opening and closing the shutter on everyday normal operation will be carried out by either:

  • An external Key switch or Push Button Station, if mounted at high level
  • Membrane Push Buttons forced to the lid, if mounted at low level and local to the shutter
  • Shutter control in either Impulse Open/Close or Impulse Open/Deadman close modes

Fire Conditions

Activation of a N/O or N/C volt free fire signal the panel will begin the audio/visual warning
This warning will continue for a pre-set delay time ( up to 252s) during which time no motor
action will take place
Upon expiry of the warning, the shutter will begin to drive down and stop at the bottom
All safety devices will be disabled
Once at the closed position the audio/visual will stop
The shutter will remain closed, whilst the alarm signal is present, and cannot be reopened by
normal controls (Key switch, Push Buttons) with the exception of the Panic Button