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Folding Shutter Door Operators – Products and Applications

FSD Motor

Two Folding Shutter Door Operator Motors Available From Ellard

  • The FSD50 3 Phase.
  • The FSD50 1 Phase.
  • Both operators have an output of 50Nm at 50RPM and they are 100% Rated.
  • They incorporate a Torque Limiter micro switch that stops the shutter at each end of its travel.

Torque limiter 1

  • The Torque Limiter is mounted on the gearbox output shaft.
  • It consists of two cups that can be screwed together.
  • Inside the cups is a strong spring.
  • When the spring is compressed there is greater torque.
  • When the torque increases the plate on the Torque Limiter rises and hits the switch.

Torque limiter 2

  • The Torque is increased by the shutter hitting the end stop when it is either fully open or fully closed.
  • When the torque plate hits the switch the shutter will stop.
  • This is referred to as “Single limit operation”.
  • The torque can also increase if the shutter hits an obstruction.

Idler Tensioner Function

  • The sprocket on the Idler Tensioner matches the sprocket on the T/limiter.
  • The I/Tensioner is mounted at the opposite side to the motor.
  • The tension on the drive chain is adjusted by adjusting the bolt on the I/Tensioner.
  • To calculate the chain required, double the width of the shutter and add 1 Mtr.

Chain Gripper Function

  • The Chain gripper is used to attach the Shutter to the Drive Chain.
  • The chain is passed through the box section and the gripper pins go through the chain links (Gripper Closed).
  • To operate the shutter manually, the Chain gripper is opened and the shutter can be pushed manually open or closed.