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Garage Doors FAQs

Garage Doors FAQs

Garage Doors FAQs

Take a look at our most frequently asked questions regarding garage doors, from installation to fault finding

Garage Doors FAQs

What can I do if on pressing the transmitter key the garage door won’t completely open/close?

Probably, the mechanical mechanism of the door has some friction or blockage which wasn’t there before. First of all check correct balancing of the door and fluid movement by moving it manually. If you can’t find anything unusual, execute new learning of the forces (look at the manual or our YouTube channel for what to do). Instead, if jammed, contact your installer to check the door.

How can I add a new transmitter to my system?

Based on the product you have installed, you have different options. First of all, you must identify exactly what control unit or receiver you have via the product label. Lastly, the manual or our YouTube channel has all the steps to do this.

How can I delete the parameters saved on the control unit?

All our digital control units allow you to load a default which returns the control unit to its initial configuration when you installed it for the first time. In our manual or on our YouTube channel you can find a series of tutorial videos to help you do this.

On what type of garage doors can I install Atris?

Atris is a 24V irreversible electro-mechanical actuator for sectional and pivoting doors up to 15 m². The maximum force is 1000 N (100 Kg) It is available in 700N and 1000N versions.

On what type of garage doors can I install Azimut?

Azimut is a 24V irreversible electro-mechanical actuator for sectional and pivoting doors up to 8 m². The maximum force is 500 N (50 Kg)

How do i choose the right motor to open my garage?

Normally, there are three types of garage doors, sectional, pivoting (which are sub-divided into two further versions) or shutter. For sectional doors, you can choose the Azimut and Atris centre roof motors (based on the dimensions of the door). For pivoting doors, you can always adapt the Azimut and Atris (with the addition of the bow if counter-weighted)

For more information regarding Garage Door automation please contact on of our helpful sales engineers today.