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Our Product Range Consists of:
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Interested in Intercoms? GSM intercom systems for gates and automatic entrances

Intercom Systems for Gates

Interested in Intercoms?

GSM intercom systems for gates and automatic entrances with video and audio calls

Ellard is leading the way for intercom distribution, offering innovative products using advanced technology our GSM intercom solutions offer perfect access control for shared residences, commercial building and business premises.

Using your own smart phone or tablet to monitor and manage visitors allows users the peace of mind that their property is secure.  Our  range of cost-effective door-entry and access control solutions designed around the customer need. Its systems are installed across a range of Housing Association, Social Housing and Private Properties throughout the UK and Europe.

Users can answer their door or entry system anywhere on the go allowing the flexibility of managing how the intercom works with additional privacy options.  For example, turned off during non-business hours or late at night residential premises with an option of being notified of visitors during your absence.

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Low maintenance costs, the data management system allows for remote access
  • Updates and maintenance are in real time
  • Easy access for emergency services
  • Excellent audio quality – by using mobile phone networks, user’s will benefit from the same audio quality as making a call
  • 3G video panels optimise image resolution for video calls
  • Visitors can be divert to a voice messaging system or an answer machine
  • Anti-disturbance function will limit repeated or inconvenient call from unwanted visitors
  • Audio induction loop, vibration setting, 3G video and hands free kit systems can be adapted to end user’s requirements
  • Pre-paid options for data use are available

Reno Intercom Kit

GSM Intercom for gates and automatic entrances with video and audio calls.  Includes 15 year pre-paid all network SIM card.

Reno Kit Intercom System

Reno Kit Intercom System


Audio intercom with one call button, ideal for a residence or car park applications

Intracall audio intercom

Intracall audio intercom

Intrabox Mini

Up to 10,000 phone numbers or serial numbered transmitters.  Pre-paid communication for 10 years, available with vandal resistant keypad.

Intrabox Mini

Intrabox Mini


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