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A new year of training at Ellard.

As Ellard moves into a new calendar year, we focus our attention on our brand and training. Throughout 2022 our dedicated customer service team will carry out daily training sessions to heighten their knowledge and improve our customer experience. We are committed to raising standards, and by providing a wide range of training on our products, we feel it will give our customers a greater understanding and confidence in what we sell.

What type of training is available?

We offer a range of Product training covering all our various product lines, including Industrial motor products and controllers, Garage door motors and accessories, Gates & Barriers, Blind motors, and accessories, and Basic Electrical. We provide bespoke training to suit customers’ needs, and by them providing specifics, we’ll make sure those needs are covered.

Having established a partnership with the DHF, we are now widely recognised as an important member and are becoming more involved with raising standards in the UK. As part of this partnership, we’re now supporting them in a new venture (The Trailblazer Apprenticeship). This will involve a new breed of fitter, trained with the correct knowledge, to encourage safety and compliance in our marketplace. We will also become the base for a range of training courses provided by the DHF in the Northwest. Details of all courses and available dates will be published on our website soon, with invites being distributed via email.

What benefits our training will give our customers?

· A certificate of attendance will be provided

· The training is complimentary.

· Practical training including troubleshooting

· A better understanding of product features and benefits

· Access to our youtube channel, which includes videos to support the training given

What extra support will we provide?

· Expert technical advice via the telephone

· Refresher training to support customers’ needs

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