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An update on Exports with Nick Lord

Ellard has experienced significant growth over the last few years, I firmly believe this has been driven by a desire to ‘be the best’ and provide the best possible products and services for our customers.

However, the UK is by no means the largest market for automation and is dwarfed by some of our closest neighbours. For example, France and Germany as well as the Benelux region place a much larger emphasis on home automation, with most new homes having automation built into them for means of security and shading. The surge of construction in emerging markets such as the U.A.E and more recently Saudi Arabia can also not be ignored, and the demand for both domestic and industrial automation in these regions is huge.

The UK market is saturated in many respects and the untapped potential of the rest of the world will be a huge factor in the growth of the Ellard brand in the coming years. We currently have key partners in France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Greece, and Eire. We also have a distributor in the Benelux region. Looking farther afield we also have a North African and Middle Eastern distributor as well as a regular customer in Australasia.

To project the Ellard brand further on a global scale, we are planning to exhibit at several up-and-coming exhibitions in Europe and further afield, some of which will be with our trusted partners. We still have a long way to go, and world domination will not be immediate! However, I would like to extend our offer to help any of our existing customer bases if they are considering a future focus on export.

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