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Answering your questions: Teleco Control Panel FAQ's

As our ever-expanding range of Ellard products grows, so too does the demand for technical support. To ensure our customers are never left at a loss when operating our products, I’ve answered a few more frequently asked questions below. I’ve also provided links to some of our YouTube product tutorials which aim to simplify our technical support for both employees and customers.

  1. How do I switch between wired and wireless safety edge configurations on a Teleco control panel?

This procedure is easily completed ‘on-site’ should the different safety edge set-up be required. Most control panels can support either configuration which is usually defined by the customer or the installer to suit the installation, i.e., maintenance-free wired version or the simplistic, clean look of the wireless version. Dipswitch one-off followed by six beeps is for wired safety edge type and dipswitch 1 on followed by seven beeps is for wireless type. Here is a link to the procedure on our YouTube channel

2. How do I pair wireless safety edge to a plug-in radio card within a Teleco control panel?

Upon installing a wireless safety edge system with a Teleco control, it would need to be paired to the plug-in radio card, this is usually at the point of initial installation or if the batteries within the Bottom Slat Transmitter (BST) have been depleted for some time, the BST monitors its battery performance and warns if they are running low by emitting five rapid beeps. Here is a link to the procedure

3. How do I pair a Teleco keypad with a Teleco control panel?

Teleco keypads can be paired with all Teleco control panels and are available in black and white variants. The keypad is IP54 rated so suitable to be mounted externally and has a 9-volt battery fitted for longevity. The code is any five-digit variant and is easily changed for the default of 1,2,3,4,5. Also, a single keypad can be configured to operate two separate doors in a double door installation. Here is a link to the procedure

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