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Ellard begins its journey to a sustainable and socially responsible future.

Ecological, social and economic environment – simply put, our new business approach to sustainability. It’s important that we consider our impact on society and the environment and become more responsible.

“Engineering Change for Social Responsibility” is the new ethos adopted by the sustainability group at Ellard. As a company heavily involved in the mechanical and electrical industry, we felt it important to include the word ‘engineering’ into our company mantra as we set out to redefine our responsibilities towards the environment and sustainability.

With expectations on corporate responsibility increasing, and as more businesses become even more transparent, we at Ellard have recognised the need to act more responsibly. The new sustainability group will align to the same expectations as those of our parent ‘Indutrade’ whom, with more than 230 companies in the group have a global approach to sustainability.

The team at Ellard is made up of eight people from all departments and, our aim is to identify sustainability areas within the business that we need to address immediately and within the next three years, our short-term plan.

We will focus on 4 keys areas including; environmental, employee, business and human rights, covering but not limited to: reducing packaging and waste, supply line policy, diversity and training.

Emotional involvement is something we identify with when we discuss sustainability within our new group. There is a real desire for change and for us to be driving that change within Ellard. We will keep you up to date with those changes and welcome your thoughts or ideas on how your company can work towards being more sustainable, as well as how best Ellard can adopt your ideas as we begin engineering change for social responsibility.

We’d love to engage with you and hear what you are doing as part of your company sustainability policy. Please share these with us at

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