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Ellard moves towards a new fleet of sustainable forklifts.

Ellard has partnered with Runcorn-based, family-owned, Powerlift Material Handling for the supply of new forklift trucks. These will be phased in over the next 2 years and will replace the current fleet.

The partnership offers a far more sustainable option with state-of-the-art batteries with zero maintenance and zero emissions. It will provide a safer fleet of assets that offer safety features designed to protect pedestrians in high-volume traffic areas. In addition to this Powerlift can offer in-depth forklift training for all necessary staff.

Steve Routledge, Powerlift MD, adds:

“All of the team at Powerlift Materials Handling Ltd are extremely grateful to have secured a contract to replace all warehouse equipment at Ellard’s Head Depot in Manchester. This will be done over 36 months to bring all the contracts in line. The new equipment will include several benefits and upgrades to operation and safety throughout Ellard’s Warehouse. Our in-house driver trainer has also implemented a training schedule to ensure all driver's licenses are up to date before expiry. Being a family-owned local business a high level of service and personal relationship allowed us to work closely during the quotation stage to discuss features and benefits to help improve efficiency and safety.”

All of us at Ellard look forward to further developing the partnership with Powerlift Material Handling.

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