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Ellard's Carbon Literacy Journey: The road to decarbonisation.

Updated: Oct 12

In 2023, we set out on a mission to become a fully Carbon Literate Organisation by the year's end. Since last year, we have been collaborating with The Carbon Literacy Project and had our entire Senior Management Team become Certified Carbon Literate. However, we know that The Carbon Literacy Project's work is crucial for everyone to understand, and as a result, we deemed it necessary for the entire Ellard team to receive training.

But what is The Carbon Literacy Project, and why is it so important?

What is The Carbon Literacy Project?

The Carbon Literacy Project was founded with the aim that ‘everyone who lives, works and studies has access to a day's worth of learning about climate change’ with the overarching goal to reduce carbon emissions and to switch to a low carbon culture.

This training program covers all the aspects of the climate crisis, educating attendees on the actions that individuals, governments, and society need to take to halt it. By becoming 'Carbon Literate,' you’ll gain the knowledge and skills required to tackle the challenges brought about by climate change with confidence and effectiveness.

Why is it so important?

For many people, it’s hard to truly comprehend the climate crisis and the true cost of carbon. Carbon Literacy Training creates a comfortable learning environment to educate and foster discussions on how we can tackle and reduce our emissions.

These conversations lead to actions, with every trainee pledging significant ways they are going to reduce their carbon impact. The more people who take part in this training the more carbon is saved, so far there are over 67,000 citizens Certified Carbon Literate and it’s resulted in around 24,000 tonnes of carbon saved.

To put that into perspective 24,000 tonnes of carbon is the equivalent of 60 million miles driven by an average petrol-powered passenger vehicle.

It is important that we play a part and continue to decarbonise towards a net zero society. Climate change has always been relevant and it’s relevant to everyone, The Carbon Literacy Project is a vital tool that highlights exactly what we need to do and when we need to do it, which is now.

The journey so far...

Currently, 38% of Ellard's staff are Certified Carbon Literate, and five employees are awaiting their accreditation. We are confident that we will achieve 100% by the end of 2023, and we are working hard to make this a reality.

In July of this year, Jules Drake, Ellard's ESG Chair, carried out training to become a certified Carbon Literacy Facilitator. Jules possesses a thorough understanding of the climate crisis and is passionate about sustainability. With this accreditation, Jules is now able to assist in training across the company and educate our employees on their carbon impact. Having an internal trainer will be an excellent way to implement training and instil a low-carbon culture in our business. We spoke to Jules about the importance of Carbon Literacy Training.

“The success we’ve seen with this is amazing. The training is so important and it really puts things into perspective in a way people can understand. Climate change is relevant to everyone, and we all have a part we can play, this training highlights that” - Jules Drake

We’re just under halfway to having all our employees Carbon Literate and we look forward to training the rest of the Ellard team. We’ve had a really positive response so far from the individuals who have taken part so far and the pledges that we’ve made will greatly aid in decarbonising how Ellard operates. Sara Smith shared her thoughts on the training.

“It is so important to take part in the carbon literacy training as it emphasises the impact of greenhouse gases and teaches us how our actions now, can impact our futures. I would say it is beneficial as it makes you think about what changes you can make as an individual to help reduce climate change.” - Sara Smith

What's next for Ellard?

Ellard, alongside the rest of the Indutrade group and numerous other companies, is working to become and maintain a Carbon Literate Organisation. A Carbon Literate Organisation accreditation requires organisations to positively engage with their audience or community in developing and delivering low-carbon behaviour, supporting the recruitment, retention, and development of a Carbon Literate workforce.

As of last year, we became a Bronze accredited Carbon Literate Organisation, we are determined to progress on this journey and continue the important conversations around Carbon Literacy. Our ESG team is now working hard to become a Silver accredited Carbon Literate Organisation and ensure that Carbon Literacy is embedded in Ellard’s core values.

Catherine Lockett, the Head of Human Resources and ESG Sponsor, is part of the team striving to obtain Ellard’s Silver accreditation. We spoke with her to understand the significance of pursuing this path….

“At Ellard, we’re well on the way to everyone having spent time thinking about the effects of greenhouse gases on our world, and opportunities for decarbonisation in some depth. We think that it’s vital that we embed our own position through sharing learning with others - businesses within the wider Indutrade UK Business Area, our suppliers, customers, and partners in our local community. Decarbonisation should become part of everyone’s everyday language, and we are keen to play a part in that.” - Catherine Lockett

At Ellard, we are proud to be among the 100+ Carbon Literate organisations dedicated to raising awareness and taking action against climate change. Through this fundamental understanding, we are committed to making a positive impact and continuing on this journey towards a better world.

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