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Ellard's Office Undergoes a Refurb: What This Means for Processes in Customer Service

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

At Ellard, we have been busy this month with the new office refurb, you can expect to see a lot of changes not only within the office but also in the customer service team. The office has seen a large number of changes throughout the refurb, we have moved the technical department into the main office with customer service and accounts, and very excitingly we have all new furniture and a brand new layout.

The new layout is structured in a way that will help the customer service team increase productivity and concentration in a way that was not possible beforehand. Members of the POD are now seated in particular banks that correlate to their specific roles, to further improve the line of communication. Not only are we striving to further improve communication within Ellard but with the next stage of development, we are also increasing communication between us and our customers. This will come into fruition with Conexiom, a machine learning software that we are currently testing. Conexiom will collect orders and process them with 100% accuracy within minutes. The addition of this software will take a huge amount of pressure off the sales team, thus ensuring more time for quotes and enquiries, but also increasing our customer intimacy.

With this, the customer service team will have a mixture of roles including managing the inbox for emails coming in, processing RMA’s, a reactive team, and a proactive team. The reactive team’s role will stay similar to the current role as they will be dealing with all incoming communication, and even with the addition of Conexiom, this role will remain vital. On the other side of the team, we will have a selection of the customer service team who are undertaking the proactive role. This role will be just as important as the reactive’s; increasing customer intimacy, focusing on quote chasing, lead generations, and data cleansing as well as upselling and cross-selling. A large part of this role will include speaking with our customers to understand more about them as a customer and also as a person. This will allow us to cater orders, campaigns and conversations to ensure that every Ellard customer has an enjoyable and hassle-free buyer journey.

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