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Essential FAQs for the Promax Panel Range: Your Go-To Guide

Updated: Mar 28

When it comes to industrial door operations, precision, reliability, and safety are non-negotiable. The Promax, Ellard’s best-selling Industrial Control Panel, is a sophisticated solution designed to optimise the performance of industrial door motors. 

In this article, we will explore and answer our top FAQs surrounding The Promax panel. Addressing common inquiries, this article is here to ensure The Promax is your go-to solution.

How to select mechanical limits or digital encoder

On the DIP switch (bank of two) there’s a selection between ‘Encoder ABS’ and ‘Limit Switch’. Make sure the selection for digital limits the DIP switch is to the left and for mechanical limits it is moved to the right.

How to set the runtime for mechanical Limits

Users must set the runtime for their mechanical limits. This ensures that the door operates continually to the set limits without stopping short. When a safety edge is used, this function also can automatically detect the type of edge wired in.

Let’s explore how users can configure the runtime:

  • Start by taking the shutter down to its closed limit.

  • Turn off DIP switches 2 & 3 in order to put your panel into automatic mode.

  • Press and hold the program up button (a) until a red LED above lights up, then release the button.

  • Press the top left up button (c) once; the door will move to its top limit.

  • Once the door reaches its top limit, the LED will flash once and then turn off.

  • Press and hold the program down button (b) until the red LED lights up, then release the button.

  • Press the bottom left down button (d) once, allowing the door to move to its bottom limit.

  • The LED will flash and then turn off, indicating that the run time is set.

How to set Digital Limits

Setting upper limits

  • Press and hold the program up button (a) until the red LED lights up.

  • While the LED is lit, use the up button (c) to move the door up. Keep the button pressed until the door reaches the desired position.

  • When you're satisfied with the door's position, press the program up button (a) once.

  • The LED will flash once and then turn off, indicating that your upper limit is now set.

Setting Lower limits

  • Press and hold the program down button (b) until the red LED above lights up.

  • Once lit up you can run the door down by pressing and holding the down button (d) in dead-man operation until it reaches the desired position.

  • Once happy with the position, press the program down (b) button once, the LED will flash once and then go out, your lower limit is now set.

Programming wireless safety edge

  • Hold the blue program button on the card until you hear a beep, then release it.

  • Hold the program button on the bottom transmitter until you hear another beep.

  • Press the blue program button on the card once more to confirm.

  • You'll hear a double beep, indicating that the pairing is complete.

Once you program the wireless safety edge, you must reprogram the panel. This includes Runtime for mechanical limits and setting digital limits, The Promax has an auto-learn feature that means it will auto-detect what safety edge is attached to the panel.

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