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Elevating your access control with Intratone. Find out more on our best-selling products here!

Intratone is a French brand, that provides flexible solutions for access management. Systems ranging from a simple dialler unit to video intercoms and digital noticeboards. Users can activate and set up their accounts through the Intratone management website. Here, new units can be registered and managed, as well as adding and removing mobile keys/ transmitters, or changing time ranges and keypad codes.

All information is stored on the server and downloaded to the unit by the user. Any changes can be introduced by simply pressing the ‘update’ button on the company’s website.

Intrabox Data Mini HF

The GPRS module comes with a built-in HR receiver with 10 years of pre-paid data, making it an ideal solution for car park access. The user can add mobile numbers and transmitters through the management website, giving these other users the authorisation to operate any of the two volt-free relay outputs, allowing control over two entrances.

Users also have the option to set up a time range for specific mobile numbers or transmitter authorisation to activate the output. The time range can also be utilised as a timer to hold open the entrance for a set amount of time throughout the year.

The unit can also operate two access points and take up to 1000 transmitters, as well as having the option to add a coded keypad with the option to set up 80 different codes.

Reno Intercom

Reno is a video intercom that utilises 4G networks. The unit can have up to 1000 residents and depending on the central unit used it can control up to 4 entrances. Access can be controlled by keypads, mobile keys, radio transmitters or proximity tags. The unit will come with a built-in coded keypad, camera, and a small display with a configurable message. Residents have the option to add a primary and secondary phone number, that is used to register with the app, which is usable on all Apple and Android products. Registering with the app will allow the user to take video calls redirected from the intercom. During video calls, users can open the entrance using the * key, they can also change the demand to a specific mobile code through the management website. The max call time is 40 seconds and will change to an audio call if there are issues with 4G signals.

Intro Intracall

The Intracall is a basic and simple single-button audio intercom, with 15 years of pre-paid data that can have up to 7 pre-programmed phone numbers per day. Much like the Mini HF and Reno, the time range function can be used to authorise calls and access.

Additionally, there is the option to purchase the kit with an analogue PAL camera.

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