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In need of new hardware? Take a look at Comunello's specialised hardware collection. 

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Comunello Gate Division has built a reputation in Italy and across the world for providing the widest range of components for sliding gates and industrial doors of all weights and all sizes. Their vast range of solutions and use of high-quality materials including stainless steel and aluminium bring real value to a product offering which is truly unique and which delivers solutions for all gate types, whatever the size.

Working together Ellard now supplies the UK with components for sliding, cantilever and swing gates. Ellard also sells and supplies several Comunello’s specialised hardware products such as the Albatros, the Ranger and the Bullet.

The Albatros - Bi-folding gate system.

With its patented revolutionary geared hinge the Albatros system offers a stable smooth opening for the biggest of bi-folding systems. This high-quality precise system remains totally suspended and therefore trackless, allowing a clean obstacle-free entranceway and occupying half the space of a single leaf swing gate. The Albatros bi-folding power transmission arm is mounted on the underside of the first gate leaf and is connected to the lower geared hinge ensuring a space-effective wide opening system.

The Ranger - A system of telescopic sliding gates with precise and efficient mechanics capable of motorising 2, 3 or more leaves simultaneously.

The Ranger telescopic system does not use cables to transmit drive from one leaf to the next, instead, it uses an innovative ground-mounted rack track. This rack track transmits movement using a system of hidden pinions that connect to the side rack, motorising the next leaf.

The simplicity of the system ensures that it is very easy and rapid to install, remains reliable and requires very low maintenance. The rack tracks are brushed clean on every opening by the two cleaning brushes installed on the front and back of each leaf.

The Bullet - Mono - carriage cantilever system.

- EASY AND FAST - The ease of installing a single mono-carriage

ensures an extremely rapid operation.

- ADJUSTABLE - The mono-carriage is adjustable in length allowing

for many different gate sizes and weight installations.

- ALIGNMENT - The alignment between the wheel units is always

perfect without guides or accessories

All Ellard Gate products are available to purchase directly from H.S.L. To view the complete Ellard Gates range, take a look at our catalogue here.

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