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Industrial Motors: In Stock and Ready for Quick Delivery 

Ellard offers a full range of industrial motors, all in stock and readily available for quick delivery. With our comprehensive selection, we ensure you have access to the motors you need when you need them. 


Digital Direct Drives 

Ellard is a proud supplier of Marantec industrial motors for roller shutters and grilles. For over 30 years, Marantec has built a global reputation for excellence, known for producing high-quality "made in Germany" motors and accessories for various opening solutions. 


Ellard’s Trusted Direct Drive Operators (DDO) 


Our Direct Drive Operators (DDO) are renowned for their simplicity and reliability. Ideal for installations that do not require additional anti-fall-back devices, such as industrial roller doors, grilles, non-counterbalanced, and vertical lift doors. Each DDO comes prewired to the ProMax control panel for ease of installation and use. 


High-Speed Motors 


The MTZ series operators are the perfect solution for fabric doors and high-speed roller shutters, where rapid opening and closing are crucial. These compact direct mount operators come with an integrated maintenance-free safety catch, making them the safest choice for doors. Suitable for both single and three-phase operations, the MTZ series offers speeds up to 135rpm and torque ranging from 40 to 250Nm. 


Fire Motors 

Ellard's extensive range of single and three-phase fire motors can lift doors weighing up to 1800kg. These motors feature a low-level manual override system and the possibility of controlled descent using a solenoid unit. Models such as the JM150 to JM1000 include a built-on PCM controller, a low-level open/stop/close pushbutton station, rapid set travel limits, and two safety limits as standard. The JM1500 and JM2200 are supplied with a separate starter. 


In addition to the above, we offer sectional door motors, flange motors, and a wide range of safety and functional accessories to enhance your experience. Contact our team today for quick, hassle-free deliveries. 

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