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Is an underground swing gate motor right for your installation?

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Our Comunello underground gate motor, the Eagle, is a fantastic product that offers you practicality, durability and a tidy solution to gate automation. However, we want to ensure that when you are making a purchase or recommending a product to your customers, you can be guaranteed that the most suited motor for the installation is being selected.

With quality materials that certify reliability, we know that the Eagle is a reputable choice in the swing gate market. Nevertheless it is important to know the pros and Cons when choosing an underground motor instead of above ground options. Accordingly, we have written this article in order to show you why an underground motor can be a great automation solution as well as tell you the reasons why an above ground motor may be more suited to your installation.

Pros of an Underground motor

  • Tidy finish as the underground motor is almost invisible

If you are looking for an out of sight and clean finish to your automated gate, the underground motor is most definitely for you. For those installations that are keeping to an aesthetic of a property, the motor tucks away underground making it almost invisible.

  • Highly secure

To add to the aesthetic of the motor being underground, the location also gives a heightened level of security. The motor being out of sight creates a decrease in the chance of vandals causing damage or attempting to break in and enter to your property. You can relax in your peace of mind knowing your property and valuables are safe within the confines of your automated gate.

  • A wider opening axis than above ground motors

The underground location of the motor also brings the benefit of having a much wider opening axis. With no obstruction the underground motor has the ability to offer up to 360 degrees opening. If you are needing versatility in the form of gate movement then an underground motor should definitely be considered.

Cons of choosing an underground motor

  • Not ideal to retrofit without carrying out some groundworks.

Unfortunately due to the level of work and preparation needed to ready a gate for an underground motor, retrofitting one to an already existing gate may be a difficult and costly process. The gate may have to be taken down and modified before being compatible with the motor therefore making this option less suitable for these situations. There are multiple above ground options such as the Abacus, Condor and Ram motors that will better suit a retrofit installation and also provide a pleasing result when in use.

  • A high level of drainage is needed

Because of the underground location of the motor, some extra thought is needed when it comes to water drainage. When our notorious British weather strikes, the casing of the motor can fill up with water and if left too long may damage the motor. However, if installed properly this will not a problem. Correct drainage would allow water to enter and then exit the motor housing.

  • A lot of underground space is needed

Before installing an underground motor it is important to assess whether there is enough space to dig down as well as around the gate. Enough space for suitable drainage of water also needs to be kept in mind.

To summarise, there will always be a motor that suits some gates and installations more than others. If you are planning on working on a retrofit then an above ground motor will most likely be a better option. If you are working on a new build then you should consider an underground motor for its many benefits!

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