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Learning from the experts: Ellard's new technical training videos

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

At Ellard, we revolve around six core values... Integrity, quality, health & wellbeing, ethics & sustainability, relationships and knowledge. These values drive us as we strive to be the leading company for customer satisfaction. Knowledge plays a vital part in this, not just for us but also for our customers. We endeavour to provide our customers with the best technical support throughout the buying journey. Ellard’s technical team boast over 100 years of joint experience and are happy to help with any queries. To assist our customers further, our team is working on producing and uploading various how-to videos, these will be quick and easy videos that can help you on-site. We will be continuously working on new technical videos to support customers’ needs, these will range from simple transmitter programming to setting digital limits. We have recently uploaded a selection of videos for everything you need to know when setting up Ellard’s Bi-directional Blinds. These videos are all available on our YouTube channel, Ellard LTD, and we will be uploading plenty more soon. If you have any suggestions for upcoming videos please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team.

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