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New additions and changes to Ellard's Teleco panels ready for 2022.

Recently the Teleco TVNRG and TVRPS have undergone some modifications to assist the install and the end-user. These additions will result in spending less time ‘on-site’ commissioning the control panel and make it safer for the end-user to add additional handset further down the line, eliminating the need to remove the cover and expose live connections on the main PCB.

In addition to the current external programming options, such as auto-close time, courtesy light time, motor torque enabling and disabling. The new features include handset, wall switch and smart hub (Teleco Daisy) programming, for single button or dedicated direction operations, courtesy light on or off function, bi-directional handset and wall switch programming (ask for door positional status), alarm sensor programming (TVSSH), individual handset deletion and total handset deletion.

All these additional features are programmed via the external stop button and programmed very similarly to the current sequence which is performed using the onboard buttons.

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