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Partnering on a powerful product: the collaboration that created the Promax and the Promax+.

This spring, the relationship between Ellard and JCM Electronics in Barcelona, Spain, takes centre stage, underscoring the dynamic evolution of their strategic partnership. The ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has resulted in the creation of our flagship control panels for their industrial motors and controls range – the Promax and the Promax+.

For Ellard, nurturing our robust supplier relationships is not just a business practice but a cornerstone of enduring success and an unwavering business model. The alliance with JCM exemplifies this approach, providing us with the leverage to assert control and introduce exclusive products curated to meet both our standards and the diverse needs of our customers.

This unique collaboration empowers us to navigate the intricate landscape of industrial solutions, ensuring that the Promax and Promax+ not only adhere to our stringent quality benchmarks but also embody the pinnacle of reliability. This is achieved by harnessing the wealth of experience and expertise that JCM brings to the table in the realms of manufacturing and electronics. In essence, the partnership is a testament to Ellard's dedication to delivering cutting-edge products that seamlessly blend innovation, quality, and the assurance of JCM's proven track record.

Through this partnership, we’ve successfully introduced the Promax to the market, a highly versatile control panel designed to accommodate mechanical or digital limit position control, specifically tailored for KOSTAL or Elektromaten encoders. The Promax distinguishes itself as an exceptional control solution, boasting a robust 700mA output capable of powering ancillary devices such as photocells, safety edges, radar systems, wireless receivers, and more. Its extensive range of options positions the Promax as an incredibly customisable solution suitable for diverse settings and applications. Furthermore, the panel incorporates inputs for various switching devices, including partial or full opening, and stop contacts.

Building on the triumph of the Promax, our technical team collaborated with JCM to develop the next evolutionary step – the Promax+. This superior iteration aims to instil confidence and quality by introducing a user-friendly digital display that prioritises simplicity for both users and installers. This innovative feature allows users to gain comprehensive insights into the panel's diagnostics without the need to open it up, marking a significant advancement in user experience and technical convenience.

The Promax+ is more than just a display, it's a versatile programmer designed to cater to specialised installations. With the ability to modify inputs on the PCB, this innovative system allows users to tailor configurations for various requirements.

Unlocking a realm of possibilities, users can establish a priority traffic light system, set a half-open limit position, and monitor open/close status through a volt-free output, applicable for door status positions or interlocking. These features are merely a glimpse into the extensive array of parameters that can be customised to meet specific needs.

Personalisation also extends to the display itself, as users can modify the text to prominently showcase their company name and contact information. The Promax+ goes beyond aesthetics, offering a service counter, cycle counter, and the last 10 faults diagnostics for comprehensive operational insights.

Gone are the days of navigating through complex fault codes; the Promax+ simplifies fault finding with clear indications on the display. Whether it's a safety edge activation, photocell trigger, or stop command, the system promptly alerts users to potential issues.

In the event of a fault, the Promax+ ensures a quick response. By pressing and holding the close pushbutton for 5 seconds, the system activates Deadman operation, allowing users to close the shutter and address any security concern securely.

To further enhance its functionality, the Promax+ offers optional plug-in cards, including a radio receiver card with the capacity to store up to 500 codes, a traffic light card, a wireless safety edge card, and a loop detector card. The Promax Plus stands out by combining user-friendly customisation, intuitive fault detection, and advanced features to meet the diverse demands of specialised installations.

Mark Molyneux, Managing Director at Ellard, expresses satisfaction with the longstanding relationship between Ellard and JCM, emphasising that this partnership has played a pivotal role in establishing the groundwork for their most widely embraced industrial door control panel.

“It is continued developmental relationships like that of with JCM that align with our business ethos. Ellard thrives from building long-standing partnerships with our suppliers that in turn help us to evolve products that meet our customer’s needs.”

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