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Revolutionising Industrial Door Automation: Ellard’s Digital DDOs and our innovative Promax + panel

Industrial door automation has witnessed a surge in popularity due to its ability to enhance efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness in industrial settings. As technology continues to advance, the adoption of automated industrial doors is likely to become even more widespread, transforming the way businesses operate and improving the overall industrial landscape.

Selecting the right industrial door motor and panel is a critical decision for businesses in various industries. The choice of an industrial door operator can significantly impact safety, efficiency, security, and overall operational success. Having a suitable motor that meets specific needs while adhering to safety and regulatory standards is essential for a satisfactory experience with your roller door installation.

But how can you maintain your competitive edge? Ellard offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that not only address market demand but also guarantee an innovative and seamless installation process.

Ellard is a widely recognised and trusted manufacturer in the industrial and commercial door automation industry. With a history spanning several decades, Ellard has earned a reputation for excellence, innovation, and reliability. Ellard's Digital DDO combines efficiency, reliability and safety.

Here's why Ellard's Digital DDOs are the best choice when automating your roller shutter.

Engineered for streamlined setup, our digital direct drive operators are designed to make the installation process of your motor and door not only quicker and simpler but, most importantly, safer!

The innovative inclusion of a built-in Kostal-type encoder empowers you to digitally configure your door's limits directly from your chosen control panel. This eliminates the need for risky adjustments at elevated heights and spares you the inconvenience of multiple trips up and down your ladder during the setup process.

Pairing Ellard’s Digital DDOs with the innovative Promax + panel offers several benefits for your roller door installation.

Enhanced Diagnostic Display

The Promax + is equipped with a built-in front cover featuring a digital display. This display greatly simplifies the diagnostic process by providing clear and concise status codes. Technicians can easily interpret these codes to quickly identify and address any issues with the system. This streamlined diagnostic capability reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

Versatile Control Options

The Promax + offers versatility in control options, accommodating various encoder types, including Kostal and Elektromaten encoders. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a wide range of automated doors, allowing for seamless integration with existing components.

Auxiliary Device Support

With an impressive output of 700mA, the Promax + can power a variety of auxiliary devices. This capability is invaluable for integrating essential safety and convenience features, such as photocells, safety edges, radar systems, wireless receivers, and more. By providing power to these devices, the control panel enhances the overall functionality and safety of the automated system.

Mechanical and Digital Limit Position Control

The Promax + supports both mechanical and digital limit position control. This means it can work with traditional mechanical limit switches or digital encoders to accurately determine the position of the door. This flexibility ensures precise and reliable positioning, contributing to the safety and efficiency of the system.

The Promax + not only enhances the functionality and safety of your automated door system but also simplifies its management and maintenance.

In choosing Ellard, you are selecting a partner dedicated to advancing the standards of industrial door automation. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that your investment will not only meet but exceed your expectations, paving the way for a future where efficiency, reliability, and safety in industrial operations reach unprecedented heights. Elevate your industrial door automation with Ellard and experience the difference for yourself.

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