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Seamless Setup: FAQ Guide for Ellard's Easy Fit Tube Motor Control Panel

The Easy Fit tube motor control panel stands out as a preferred choice among Ellard clientele for tube motor installations. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, our technical team has collaborated to craft a concise FAQ guide, aimed at aiding installers in seamlessly setting up our Easy Fit panel.

What is the biggest motor the Easy Fit control panel will run?

The easy-fit control panel can run tubular motors up to 750 Watts.

Can I connect a key switch/ push button to the Easy Fit? 

Indeed, connectivity is established at the terminal block labelled CN2. When wiring the key switch, ensure that the open position corresponds to the terminals with outward-pointing arrows, while the close position aligns with terminals featuring inward-pointing arrows. The common terminal of the key switch should be linked to the terminal marked as COM, maintaining the key switch at a safe low voltage of 24 volts as a precautionary measure.

Can I connect a safety brake to the Easy Fit? 

The CN2 terminal block hosts two designated inputs reserved for a safety brake, clearly labelled as such on the Easy Fit control panel board. To integrate the safety brake, the factory-fitted link on the safety brake terminals must be removed and replaced with the two connection cables designated for the safety brake.

What is the mode of operation of the Easy Fit?

Operators have the flexibility to select the operational mode of the unit, opting for either deadman open and close or impulse open with deadman down. This function is easily adjustable by changing the position of dipswitch 4 on the board.

How do I change the motor direction? 

If the motor and control panels have been successfully installed but the motor is found to be running in the incorrect direction, a simple remedy is at hand. By adjusting the position of dipswitch 1, the motor can be effectively redirected to operate in the desired direction.

What is the maximum run time of the Easy Fit? 

The Easy Fit's maximum run time is capped at 100 seconds, but this limit is adjustable using the time button conveniently located on the board. To modify the run time, press and hold the time button until the LED indicator starts to flash. The number of flashes corresponds to the desired number of seconds for the run time. Just release the button to confirm and program in the new run time setting.

How do I program a transmitter?

Initiate the programming process by pressing the learn button once. This action prompts an LED indicator on the board to illuminate. Subsequently, press button 1 on the transmitter once, causing the LED indicator to go out. To confirm programming, press button 1 on the transmitter again. At this point, the LED will flash nine times, indicating successful programming of the transmitter. The Easyfit can store up to 30 transmitters.

The transmitters offer two distinct operational modes depending on the selection of the dipswitch 2 position: Dipswitch 2 single sequential mode and dedicated direction mode. Turn dipswitch 2 on for single sequential mode. This facilitates functions like open, stop, and close to be programmed to a single button, providing streamlined control. Turn dipswitch 2 off for sequential mode. This allows the transmitter to be programmed to operate up to four doors individually, with each door allocated its own button on the transmitter for seamless management.

Alternatively, the dedicated direction mode assigns separate buttons for open, stop, and close actions, offering precise commands over each function. 

Can I connect a courtesy light to the easy fit? 

Certainly. The Easy Fit unit facilitates the connection of a light, supporting up to 230 volts AC with a maximum power rating of 40 watts. Users have the flexibility to configure the light to either flash intermittently during operation or remain constantly illuminated. This functionality is easily modified by adjusting dipswitch 3 on the unit.

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