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Something new and something big: Ellard's partnership with Marantec.

As a new year fast approaches so does one of the biggest changes in the history of Ellard. The Home of Automation is proud to announce a new partnership that will completely overhaul our existing industrial product offering. The new partnership in question is with that of the highly established and renowned manufacturer, Marantec. In this exciting time, we are happy to have an announcement from Andreas Schiemann, Marantec CEO, who has expressed the following:

“The times of compartmentalisation providing competitive advantages are now over. Today, thanks to various cooperations, we develop services, products and markets faster and find better solutions for new challenges. At Marantec we champion openness and cooperation and this is deeply embedded in our way of working and strategy. Based on European values of responsibility for partners, colleagues, and the environment, we make decisions for partnerships and cooperations. Therefore, it was only natural to want to cooperate with Ellard and the Indutrade Group. We recognised early on and in the initial discussions that both groups of companies operate based on the same set of values. We want to work with nature and with people to create solutions that offer real benefits. Good cooperation must be cross-departmental and cross-divisional. It goes without saying that everyone must strive to think cooperatively. If an idea that is relevant or an interesting contact comes up, then it is a matter of sharing. This must become a completely normal process. Ideally, all colleagues working in a company are in permanent exchange with the cooperation partner. With Ellard, we can certainly achieve this in the UK and look forward to this strategic collaboration.”

Paul Connor, Ellard’s Managing Director said:

“We are delighted to be working with Marantec, they offer a fantastic range of products but more importantly they share the same values of cooperation, the building of strong long-lasting partnerships whilst always focusing on a sustainable future. Ellard’s main philosophy is to innovate and simplify and we believe that with Marantec we can best provide a new product offering that fulfils this promise to our customers”.

Alongside our existing mechanical industrial range, we will now offer a full digital range of operators manufactured by Marantec. This will include lightweight aluminium cast Direct Drives, High-Speed Door Drives, Chain and Sectional Door Drives. In addition to this, we will also be able to offer ATEX-rated motor solutions. Ellard is also delighted to announce that the new range of digital motors will come as standard with our most powerful control panel, the Promax. By 2023 this panel will have further development with the addition of a digital display to further simplify diagnostic processes.

Rob Taylor, Ellard’s Sales Director, has commented “the partnership with Marantec has created a lot of positivity at Ellard. The quality of the Marantec motor and Promax controls, coupled with Ellard’s excellent service and technical support brings a new dimension to Ellard and shows that we are moving in the right direction”. Rob also adds that “the Marantec option further expands our already extensive product offering and builds on quality. The addition of plug and play, digital limits and digital fault display, will reduce time on site for our customers and provide long-term efficiency savings”.

For over two years, Ellard has been in tune with understanding what it takes to become a company with sustainability at its heart and this has been a major factor for us partnering with the Germany-based brand. With this move, we are now promoting the near-shoring of our products, which brings down lead times for our customers but also drastically contributes to minimising our scope 3 carbon emissions. As well as this, we are also working with Marantec to minimise unnecessary packaging to cut down on the overall waste that could be created during the shipping and delivery process.

We will be hosting an open day in February to welcome the launch of this revolutionary range. We welcome you to attend and view the products in our state-of-the-art training facility. “The feedback from the market has been positive with many excited by the direction Ellard is going and the additional product offering. We look forward to welcoming customers to our open day in February, to not only show the products but our impressive facilities and professional teams” says Rob, Sales Director. As well as the introduction of our new digital range of motors, Ellard’s purchase process will also be heading in the digital direction.

In 2023 expect to see Ellard’s new website that will make your time spent making an order with us as simple and seamless as possible with the addition of ordering and e-commerce. On this site, you will be able to see all of your interactions with Ellard in one place with order tracking and account management at your fingertips! With these modern advancements on the horizon paired with our ever-improving customer-centric service and our new Marantec partnership, Ellard is very excited to see what the coming year will bring.

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