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Train with Ellard and become an expert.

At Ellard, we offer all our customers a range of interactive training sessions. Led by our technical team of industry experts, our training sessions will answer all questions you may have to help you become an expert in our products.

What can we offer?

Every training session that we offer is bespoke to the customer and their needs. Whether you’re looking for a general overview of our products or in-depth technical training, these sessions a truly customisable and tailored to you.

At Ellard, we pride ourselves on being the only company in the UK to offer products to suit the smallest blind to the largest industrial roller shutter, and we want our training to reflect that. We offer sessions in all of our specialities, covering Industrial, Garage, Gates & Barriers, Blinds and Sliding doors.

Why train with Ellard?

We see our training as an investment in our customers, therefore all our sessions are completely free of charge. But what are the other benefits of training with us?

  • Improves your product knowledge, and helps you and your customers.

  • Builds your confidence in our product.

  • Less time is spent on site, which means cost savings for you.

  • Foster an ongoing relationship with our team.

Changes to training.

We will now solely be running our training sessions on Wednesday and can host up to eight people at a time. This will allow us to provide a pre-booking service further in advance and easily find a date that works for you.

How to book a session.

If you are interested in training with us you can book your session here. If you have any questions about the training offered at Ellard please feel free to give us a call. Alternatively, you can email us at

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