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Unlocking Innovation: Exploring Ellard’s Black Edition Garage Door Opener

Updated: Feb 23

The Black Edition Garage Door Opener is designed to effortlessly automate both sectional and up-and-over doors, this innovative opener boasts an abundance of features. From its gentle soft start/soft stop function to advanced obstacle detection and a reliable emergency release mechanism, the Black Edition prioritises safety and security above all else and is the ultimate choice for modern homeowners seeking peace of mind and convenience.

In this article, we will explore the range of features and benefits users can expect to see when choosing to use The Black Edition.


One of the standout benefits of the Black Edition Garage Door Opener is its ability to open and close with remarkable quietness and smoothness. This is made possible through its advanced soft start and stop functionality, which is seamlessly integrated into the motor setup process. 

As the opener initiates its operation, these features ensure that the garage door begins and ends its movement with gentle precision, minimising any jolts or jerks that can occur with traditional openers.

What's more, during the initial setup of the motor, the Black Edition automatically configures the limits and force protection settings. This ensures that the door's travel range is accurately calibrated and that the opener applies just the right amount of force to operate smoothly without placing unnecessary strain on the system.

By incorporating these intelligent features, the Black Edition not only delivers immediate benefits in terms of quiet and smooth operation but also safeguards the longevity of the garage door drive. 


In addition to its smooth and quiet operation, the Black Edition Garage Door Opener prioritises the safety of both property and individuals. One of its key safety features is the reliable automatic safety cut-out mechanism, which serves as a failsafe to promptly stop the door if it encounters any obstruction during its operation. Whether it's a stray object, a pet, or a person inadvertently in the path of the closing door, this advanced safety feature ensures swift intervention to prevent any potential accidents or damage.

But the commitment to safety doesn't stop there. For homeowners seeking even greater peace of mind, the option to install a non-contact photocell adds an extra layer of protection and security. These photocells create an invisible beam near the base of the door opening, and if this beam is interrupted by any object or person while the door is closing, it triggers an immediate halt to the door's movement. This proactive safety measure offers enhanced reassurance, especially in households with children or pets, where the risk of accidental entrapment is a primary concern.

By incorporating both automatic safety cut-out and non-contact photocell technology, the Black Edition Garage Door Opener not only prioritises the well-being of occupants and property but also provides homeowners with the confidence that their garage space is equipped with the highest level of safety features available. Whether it's safeguarding against unexpected obstacles or providing an additional layer of protection against potential accidents, these advanced safety measures underscore the Black Edition's commitment to ensuring a secure and worry-free garage environment.


Another notable benefit of the Black Edition Garage Door Opener is its provision for manual operation in case of emergencies or power outages. This functionality is made possible through the inclusion of an emergency/manual release mechanism, which allows users to disengage the drive mechanism and operate the garage door manually, both from inside and outside the garage.

In situations where electrical power is unavailable or the opener experiences a malfunction, the ability to manually operate the door becomes invaluable. Whether it's accessing the garage during a blackout or addressing a technical issue with the opener, homeowners can rely on the manual release feature to ensure uninterrupted access to their garage space.

By incorporating this manual release feature, the Black Edition Garage Door Opener offers homeowners peace of mind and reassurance, knowing that they have a reliable backup option for accessing their garage space when needed. Whether it's for emergency situations or routine maintenance tasks, the convenience and accessibility provided by the manual release mechanism make the Black Edition an indispensable addition to any modern home.


The Black Edition Garage Door Opener doesn't just provide convenience and safety during its regular operation; it also incorporates intelligent features to enhance security and maintenance awareness. One such feature is its built-in alarm system, designed to alert homeowners in case the garage door is left open for an extended period.

Imagine a scenario where the garage door is inadvertently left open after returning home from work or running errands. The built-in alarm of the Black Edition acts as a vigilant guardian, sounding an alert if the door remains open for 10 minutes or longer. This timely notification serves as a crucial reminder to close the door, preventing potential security risks and ensuring the safety of any belongings stored within the garage.

Moreover, the Black Edition goes a step further by incorporating a maintenance reminder into its alarm system. After approximately 2,000 cycles of operation, the opener emits a brief beep as a gentle reminder to service the door. This proactive approach to maintenance helps prolong the lifespan of the garage door system by prompting timely inspections and necessary adjustments.

By integrating these intelligent alarm features, the Black Edition Garage Door Opener not only enhances security and safety but also promotes proactive maintenance practices. Whether it's safeguarding against potential intruders or reminding homeowners to schedule routine servicing, these alarm functionalities demonstrate the Black Edition's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for homeowners seeking peace of mind and convenience.

The Black Edition represents a pinnacle of innovation and functionality in the realm of home automation. With its array of advanced features, including smooth and quiet operation, robust safety measures, manual release functionality, and intelligent alarm systems, the Black Edition sets a new standard for convenience, security, and peace of mind in garage door operation.

Whether you're looking to streamline your daily routines, enhance the safety of your home and loved ones, or simply enjoy the convenience of modern technology, the Black Edition has you covered. Its intuitive design and cutting-edge features make it a must-have addition to any modern household.

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