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Why use solar charging for your blinds: The advantages to adding a solar panel to your installation.

Sunlight shining through roller blinds

What are solar-powered blinds?

When referring to Ellard’s solar-powered blinds solutions, this is ultimately in reference to our battery-powered blinds motors paired with our solar panels. These are solutions that use solar panels that capture the sun’s UV rays to keep your blinds powered up and automated. Simply position a small and discrete solar panel in a sun-exposed window for a low-maintenance blinds automation solution.

Solar charging panel for blinds

What are the advantages of using a solar panel with your blinds?

There are several advantages to using a solar panel with your blinds. From reducing your energy bills to low maintenance, the following points will discuss the numerous pros of adding a solar panel to your blind installation.

No need to recharge your motors

Installing a solar panel to your blinds motor is a hassle-free solution to keeping your window coverings charged. Our battery-powered motors have an estimated battery life of up to 6 months and therefore will need removing from the blind, connecting to a mains power source and charging up once this time is up. A solar panel removes this necessity which is especially helpful if your blinds are installed in a hard-to-reach window.

Automate your home

Person controlling their automated blinds

Keeping your blind motors charged will keep your house automated. This is especially

helpful when promoting solar shading for your home. Solar shading refers to the process of controlling and reducing the amount of solar radiation going into a building. Automating your blinds is an easy way to control your space and users can set time sensors based on the positioning of the sun. This will not only affect the heat of your space but also glare and UV exposure within your building. You can read more about solar shading here.

Reducing energy costs

From a very literal perspective, using solar panels to power your blinds is a green and cost-reducing solution when it comes to keeping your energy bill prices down. As opposed to using hardwired versions of our motors or battery-powered motors that need to be plugged into your mains and recharged, our solar panel recharging solution is powered by renewable energy and therefore has no cost and lowers your carbon footprint.

Another energy cost benefit is that keeping your blinds powered up and automated means you can adjust your blinds to keep out sun rays. This in turn stops the need to cool down your come using fans and AC saving you an average cost of £24 a week. You can read more on using your blinds to keep your home cool here.

For more information on our solar panel charging solution get in contact with a member of our team at

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