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Shopfronts upfront!

shop fronts automatic door

Shop fitters and Shop fronts

Encouraging your customers to install an automatic door as part of their shop fronts has huge benefits for both you, your customers and your customer’s visitors!

A sliding or swing automatic door operator or automatic door opener is usually operates a door for pedestrian use, opening  the door automatically, holding it open and then closing.

Becoming more DDA aware and improving access for all should be at the forefront of all good quality shop front designs.  Additionally, some studies have found that buildings with automated access will attract more footfall than those without.

Automatic doors can be usually found on retail units, banks, schools, universities pharmacies and occasionally within hotels and hospitals; convenient and easy access really can be implement in almost any environment.

The choice between swing doors or sliding doors may be determined by practicality or be an aesthetic choice,  Ellard provide operators for both.


Allowing operation of 1 x 200 Kg single door or 2 x 90 Kg doors for double door functionality the  Spider Automatic Sliding Door Operator is ideal for use in any commercial environment.  Meeting all European legislation standards, you can be assured that this Ellard operator is not only reliable but safe.  Doors will always open in event of a fire (even when in manual mode).

The built in control panel ensures that fewer parts are required, plus the use of a selector switch for programming ( with on screen display)  makes set up of parameters quick and easy.


We offer two operators that provide a safe and reliable management of swinging automatic doors whilst effectively serving high traffic volumes.

ELL 105

The ELL 105 is a high performance mechanical servo-assisted swing door operator for automatic doors weighing up to 200 Kg.

ELL 205

The ELL 205 is a powerful, reliable and controlled servo-assisted motor with a spring. It is suitable for automatic doors weighing up to 400 Kg.

Accessories aid Access!

Ellard sell a variety of complimentary products that will operate your chosen automatic doors is different ways.

An shopfront automatic doors may be activated by:

  • Radar sensors –Activation only sensor; person approaches the door, sensor activates and opens the door.
  • Push button – the door opens when a user presses a button.
  • Touch less sensors – highly sensitive, infrared, touch less sensor for automatic entrance systems
  • Wireless push buttons – for indoor use only and supplied with a receiver.
  • Dual Action Optex Sensors – actives and opens the door, plus acts as safety.

Safety Sensors

  • Dual Action Optex Sensor – as described above
  • Side Action Optex Sensors – for safety only, to be fitted at the end of the door for entrapment points


For more information on our auto door kits and prices, contact the Sales Team now!