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Super Fast Gate Automation from Ellard

Alfariss Fast

Super Fast Gate Automation

Axil Fast

Axil fast

The Axil Fast is the quickest motor for Swing Gates, with an opening time for leaves of 0+90° of only 9 seconds.

The Axil Fast is not only a fast in terms of opening speed, it is quick and easy to install, with a frame made completely of aluminium it has practical access to the connection compartment and the mechanical limit stop.

  • 24V irreversible electromechanical actuator for swing gates, with leaves up to 2.8 m in length.
  • All models of Axils are fitted with an opening mechanical limit stop
  • Practical wiring compartment
  • 24V version for intensive usage

Alfariss Fast

Alfariss Fast

The Alfariss Fast has been developed as an option for fast gate automation for sliding gate applications.

The Alfariss Fast is a 24V irreversible  electromechanical rack actuator motor for sliding gates weighing up to 200 Kg.

Designed to offer maximum security, this motor reaches speeds of 0.25 ÷ 0.4 m/s @ 100Nm

Programmable acceleration and deceleration, self-learning of opening and closing times, magnetic limit switches all add to the fantastic benefits of the Ellard Gate Automation range.  Speed and security are always our top priority!

  • Solar power can be utilised using the ECO-LOGIC system
  • Steel pinion
  • Accurate and safe operation with use of an encoder
  • Obstacle detection
  • Built in digital control unit

Ayros Fast

Ayros Fast

The Ayros Fast is the new 24V motor for sliding gates up yo 500 Kg

With a maximum speed of 0.25 ÷ 0.4 m/s

The Ayros Fast has programmable accelerations and deceleration.

Housing for a back up battery allowing for operation in the case of absence of power using the B-PACK back battery and with optional solar power using the ECO-LOGIC system,

Powerful and fast the Ayros Fast has no limits!

  • Built in digital control unit
  • Painted aluminium casing
  • Accurate and safe operation with an encoder
  • Obstacle detection
  • Synchronised operation of two modules using the SYNCRO module
  • Magnetic limit switches


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