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Swing Gate FAQs

Swing Gate FAQs

Swing Gate FAQs

Have a read of our Swing Gate FAQs and learn more about the gate motors we sell, from installation to fault finding

Swing Gates


What motor can I use for my swing gate?
There are different types of motors to use based on the characteristics of the gate and according to the type of use.
It is  important to understand exactly what your customer’s needs are.
For the most common gates, you can find a kit already created by us, with everything you need for an easy installation including accessories .
For motors not sold in a kit however, you can combine an “electronic kit” to complete the installation.
You can then choose from a series of other optional catalogue of accessories to integrate and enhance your installation.
In some cases,  due to the measurements of the pillar, you may have to choose between the articulated arm motors and not linear.
Pay attention to the weight of the gate and the installation measurements.
Check the technical features, and refer to the tables outlined in the manuals for further information.
If you are making the gate,  we advise you to evaluate an underground gate motor, which would have no visual impact on your new gate.
All our irreversible motors offer the possibility of being unlocked with a key and being moved manually.
If you want the gate to open automatically, even when there is no electricity, or it has to work without connection to the electricity line,  choose a 24V motor and add a backup battery or an  ECO-LOGIC solar powered back up system.
If you do not need this, the 230V motor will allow unlocking and manual operation in the event of a blackout.

Further Swing Gate FAQs coming soon

For more information regarding swing gate automation  please contact one of our helpful sales engineers today.