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Three Reasons to Invest in Gate Automation

gate automation system

Gate automation has never been more popular and with good reason! Here are three great reasons to invest today.


With any gate automation system, you are effectively pushing the perimeter of your home further away from your house, which deters any potential intruders and makes your home much less of a target. The gates are controlled remotely and only you and selected others will be able to open and close them. It’s also great if you have small children or pets as they can wander about outside without you having to worry about their safety. You also alleviate the need to park beyond your gates so your vehicle is safe whatever time of day.

Gate Automation


As a point of entry to your property, there is nothing quite as magnificent as a beautiful gate which opens and closes on command. No matter the size of your gates, we have a huge range of motors available that can handle any weight no matter how often you use it. We also have a range of solar powered battery backup systems, so you can help the environment as well as ensuring your gate works in the event of a power failure. The range of styles to choose from are practically limitless with everything from wrought iron to mighty oak designs available, and different motor designs to work with all of them.


Gate automation adds a huge amount of practical benefits to your property. You can control them from your home or from your car which is great when the weather is bad. The controls are extremely easy to use and we will provide you with spare or replacement handsets should you need them. Gate Automation also eliminates the need to manually move heavy gates, especially useful on windy days when the weather makes it tough to move.