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Transmitters and Receivers for Gate Automation


Transmitters and Receivers for Gate Automation

Innovative technology to simplify the control of gate automation systems.

Small in size and intelligent in performance Ellard Gate Automation products offer practical and diverse solutions, making remote control more practical, easy and safe.

Here is just a selection of the transmitters and receiver we can offer to make your gate automation application an effective and user friendly experience.


PMR Personal Pass

  • Rolling Code Transmission
  • 20m Range in a closed environment (2 walls), up to 200m in an open environment
  • Option to automatically prolong transmission for 3 seconds
  • Automatic 3 time repetition of last command



  • Rolling Code Transmitter
  • Available a 2 or 4 button
  • Programmable or factory set
  • Up to 14 channels




  • Fixed Code Transmitter
  • Quick and easy programming
  • Available in two colours
  • Each button works independently ( 1 transmitter can store codes for 4 different transmitters)
  • Compatible with other retro-spec fits, speak to the team for further details


Wally Receiver

  • 1, 2 or 4 channels
  • Ability to store 1008 different codes
  • Self learning management via radio
  • Replacement transmitter management
  • Ability to enable or disable the rolling code mode



  • Plug in receiver module
  • 4 programmable channels
  • Stores up to 1008 different codes
  • Sequential storage of transmitters
  • Management of replacement transmitters
  • Enable and disable rolling code mode
  • Memory full warning
  • Self learning transmitters managed via radio





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