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Now with additional photocell connection: Newly equipped with photocell technology, the TVNRG868E02 has evolved to become the TVNRG868E04, providing a crucial evolutionary safety feature that makes the E04 an essential upgrade.


Previously, any use of a photocell to provide a means of secondary safety on a garage door would involve using our N09 control panel, but now with the introduction of the E04 which facilitates the connection of the photocell providing both leading-edge protection (safety edge) and non-contact protection (photocell)- the N09 is a thing of the past. Your safety is guaranteed as both photocell and safety edge are tested for security before any downward operation of the door is permitted.

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  • Internal push buttons to aid limit setting: Each control panel has dedicated internal push buttons that are used to set the motor limits. Once set, simply pressing both buttons simultaneously toggles the control board into user mode then permitting the transmitters to be programmed. As part of a series of planned upgrades, we have recently introduced the facility to set the motor limits and programme transmitters from the front cover operating buttons. This eliminates the need to remove the cover when additional transmitters are required.

  • Wireless safety edge with optional integrated alarm. A choice of two bottom slat transmitters, one with alarm, the other without and with extended battery life approaching 4 years.

  • Wired safety edge and alarm:  The alarm function is already included in our control panel for wired safety edges, simply add the plug-in alarm buzzer to complete the system.

  • Security door status: We use bi-directional radio communication to determine the status of your door. When using the bi-directional transmitter, the door status is achieved through LEDs indicating the door is open or closed at the press of a button.

  • Safety edge exclusion zone: Deactivate the safety edge up to 50mm from the floor to prevent false safety signals from stopping a closing door.

  • Holiday mode: Placing the control panel into holiday mode disables the front cover control buttons preventing the operation from within the garage.

  • Courtesy light: Fitted with a low energy LED courtesy light.

  • Stop circuit: Each panel is fitted with a security link that could be replaced with a connection from the safety brake or other safety device.

  • Dynamic switching: Connection possibilities for an externally wired dynamic switch.

  • LED & audible troubleshooting: Several LEDs and a built on sounder are sued to aid set up and as a guide to troubleshooting.