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V2 APP TOOL Bluetooth Module

V2 App Tool Bluetooth module


v2 APP TOOL Bluetooth module is a mobile app which allows you to program and set the control unit simply by using your mobile smartphone. The app is very simple to use all you need to do is plug the BT01 Bluetooth Module into the V2 control units that has the ADI-Port. you are then able to download the app from the Google Play Store the free download app is available for IOS and Android smartphones.

v2 AppTool

The v2 App Tool Bluetooth module allows you to to configure different parameters of the control unit in a very simple format. This is an App which is developed by V2 mainly for installers. By using the Bluetooth Module BT01 and the V2App this allows you to set the control units using your mobile smart phone

V2 App Tool


Setting up the device

  1. Download the App via the Google App Store
  2. Click on scan near by devices (the default name for the BT01 is V2+BT
  3. A password is required in order to pair the device BT01
  4. Once the pairing procedure is successfully completed, you are then able to perform the following operations:

Gate test: Allows you to command the control unit to open or close the gate

Rename module: Allows you to rename the BT01 module

Send file via email: Allows you to send an email to V2 support with attached a configuration or an event list that was stored in the control unit

Change access code: Allows you to change the access code associated to the BT01 module

Setting the control unit parameters

Once you have completed the searching procedure and you have been able to establish a connection with the BT01 module the V2 App allows you to:

  1. Control unit configuration
  2. Retrieve event history
  3. Control unit firmware update

Control unit configuration: Once the connection is established the control unit configuration automatically identifies the control unit

Retrieve events history: This is where the event list automatically loads

  • Event code
  • Description of the event
  • Status of the gate at the moment the recorded event took place (Opening, Pause, End of operation, Rest, Closing error, Initialising, Menu, Stand-by, Stop)

Once all this information has been retrieved you are then able to save the records this then closes the connection with the control unit

Control unit firmware update: This is where you are able to download and update the control unit firmware however to do this you have to make sure you have a mobile or wireless connection for this to work. Once the download is completed the V2 App closes the connection with the control unit.

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