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Reaching new speeds with Ellard's 24rpm Direct Drive range.

Updated: Aug 31

Our range of Direct Drive Motors are known for their ease and simplicity from installation to operation. At Ellard, we always work hard to supply innovative products to the market. This year we introduced our new Digital Direct Drives to our product collection, making setting up your door faster, easier, and safer, all with the use of our low-level controls.

The 24rpm Direct Drive Motor

In collaboration with Marantec, Ellard offers the 24rpm Direct Drive motor in both direct online and inverter options. This direct drive development is simple and effective and will revolutionise your installation, taking it to new speeds.

Ellard offers 24rpm motors up to 1650Nm, meaning we have you covered from the smallest to the largest roller shutter. With the benefits of the standard MDF range, such as a built-in anti-drop device and low-level haul chain, the 24rpm range offers the same durability and reliability but introduces a range of new benefits.

Having the 24rpm option allows for faster opening and closing speed compared to their lower speed counterparts. This makes it perfect for places where the opening speed of the roller shutter is important.

The MDF50 to MDF70 ranges include heavy-duty (HD) 24rpm motors. Meaning that doors equipped with the HD model have a longer run time of 30 cycles, making them an effective solution for environments with high usage rates.

The addition of an inverter through the CS320 panel facilitates soft start and stop operation. This increases durability and reduces stress on the gearbox.

The CS-320 Panel.
CS 320 panel for 24rpm Direct Drive

Depending on the model, the 24rpm range utilises either the Promax, which is used with standard 24rpm MDFS or the CS 320 panel which is used with inverter motors. The CS 320 is a powerful panel which comes equipped with an inverter that is essential for some of our 24rpm motors to perform to their fullest potential. It is a recent addition to Ellard's collection and is a panel manufactured and supplied by Marantec.

The CS320 frequency inverter is designed to manage the speed, torque, and direction of the motor. With numerous advanced features, such as the ability to adjust the speed and torque in real-time, protecting over-loading and short-circuits, the CS320 panel keeps your door running safely and at optimal operation.

Get in touch!

To learn more about our 24rpm range and the rest of our Marantec products, you can get in contact with a member of our team at

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