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Creating ease and simplicity with Ellard's Digital Direct Drive motors.

Our Direct Drive Operators or DDOs have been a long-time staple in Ellard’s product offering. Simplicity, ease of use and unmatched durability have made this range of motors a go-to favourite among roller shutter manufacturers and installers.

Ellard is always looking for ways to progress and adapt to changing times. Alongside our mechanical range, we have partnered up with Marantec to provide you with a whole new range of Digital Direct Drives. These motors promise to provide new levels of ease and simplicity to the installation and during the general operation of your door.

Marantec direct drive motor

What is a Direct drive motor?

Ellard’s direct drive motors are typically used alongside industrial roller shutters and grilles. They are equipped with a built-in anti-drop device and a low-level haul chain for manual operation in case of power failure. Available in both three-phase and single-phase, our direct drive operators are characterised by their compact design that allows for a diverse range of installation possibilities.

How does a Direct Drive motor work?

Unlike our flange and foot mount motors, the shaft of our direct drive operator is directly connected to the motor hence the name Direct Drive. Because of this, there is no need for gearboxes, belts, safety breaks or pull systems.

Let’s make it digital!

Our Digital Direct Drive door openers from our Marantec range are an upgrade from our mechanical counterparts as they are designed to make the set-up process of your motor and door, quicker, simpler and most importantly… safer!

Our digital direct drives have a built-in Kostal-type encoder that enables you to set the limits of your door digitally through your chosen control panel. This eliminates the need to make changes to your motor at high level and saves you multiple trips up and down your ladder during the set-up process.

Digital Direct Drives supplied by Marantec

Ellard’s MDF and MWF range, is a powerful yet compact range of motors. With features such as TÜV-tested safety gear with integrated damping that operates independently of position and speed and is also both maintenance-free and wear-free. A thermocouple in the motor winding which prevents overloading due to overheating. And, various emergency controls available that allow reliable operation in the event of a power failure.

Our MDF range can also be supplied at 24rpm, helping your roller shutter to reach new speeds. The 24rpm motors can also be purchased as the FU version which facilitates soft-start soft-stop operation.

Added control with the Promax+ control panel

Promax +

We recommend using our Promax and Promax+ with our range of digital direct drives to create the optimal complete roller shutter solution. Our new Promax+ panel is a step up from the Promax. It has a built-on front cover digital display that simplifies diagnostics through easy to understand status codes.

A versatile control panel with mechanical or digital limit position control for KOSTAL or Elektromaten encoders. The output of 700mA for ancillary devices such as photocells, safety edge, radar, wireless receivers and more. Inputs for other switching devices including partial or full opening, and stop contacts.

What else can I use with my roller shutter direct drive installation?

Ellard provides a number of accessories that can be used alongside our motors and control panels that increase both the level of safety and usability of your door. Our Promax control panels are built with a number of auxiliary ports that allow for connections to photocells, traffic lights, loop detectors and safety edges.

Get in touch!

If you would like to learn more about our Direct Drive range and all their capabilities you can find out more here.

Our team is always happy to help with any queries, if you have any questions regarding our Direct Drives or any of our other products, please get in touch with us here.

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