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Advancing technology with the new ProMax3.

All good things must come to an end...and be replaced by something better! Ellard recently announced the launch of the ProMax3 control panel for industrial doors. The ProMax3 has replaced the V7 control panel with immediate effect providing more features and benefits including the increased auxiliary output of 700mA, a choice of plug-in expansion cards including wireless safety edge, induction loop and traffic lights. This is another step in our master plan to build confidence when choosing Ellard as your preferred supplier and the beginning of our product management program that will see us upgrading our product portfolio in the coming months. Our technical and marketing teams have been very busy and have done a great job training staff, producing technical instruction manuals and brochures ensuring a smooth transition to ProMax3. We are able to offer training immediately and remotely through Microsoft Teams or Zoom ensuring our commitment to social distancing and safety. As a first step towards our goal to overhaul and expand our range, the ProMax3 is part of a medium-term project that will eventually see the introduction of more industrial door controls. Currently, the ProMax sits alongside the V3D Mini and Maxi ensuring we have the very best solutions to meet the demands of your customers. ProMax3 is now available to purchase and a link to our brochure can be found here.

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