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Becoming more environmentally aware: Ellard pledges to be fully Carbon Literate before 2024.

On the 9th of November Ellard’s Senior Management Team underwent their Carbon Literacy training through the CLP. Organised by our parent company, Indutrade, and led by Susanne Bearblock and Helen Rodgers. Ellard is taking vital steps to have our company 100% Carbon Literate by the end of 2023.

The Carbon Literacy Project allows attendees to understand the effects of climate change and carbon footprints and explores how and why everyone needs to do their bit. They aim to be able to offer every Citizen Carbon Literacy learning to truly make a difference. Ellard is just one of almost 4,000 organisations that have engaged with the Carbon Literacy Project, and with around 43,000 citizens certified, Ellard is proud to make up a part of that percentage moving towards a greener future.

Operations Director, Mark Molyneux, was a part of the team to undergo Carbon Literacy training. When speaking to Mark about how he found the course and its importance, he said, “Carbon literacy should be a part of everyday life for each member of Ellard. There is a lot we can do to minimise the effects we have already made on the global temperature. It is the responsibility of the individual, the employer and all relevant stakeholders to take action quickly.” This is an ethos that we are eager to filter throughout the company.

We also spoke to Catherine Lockett, who is the Head of Human Recourses. When partaking in the Carbon Literacy training attendees are required to pledge the actions they are going to take to improve the company’s footprint. Catherine’s pledge revolved around looking into the feasibility of providing loans to staff via payroll to enable them to better-afford public transport season tickets for their commute to work. Whilst this is not in effect yet, the implementation of this will have a significant improvement on our footprint, whilst also improving community health and wellbeing.

Ellard is dedicated to ensuring we are on the right path in understanding and lowering the effect we have on the environment, not only as a business but also as individuals. The Carbon Literacy Project has been a crucial tool in achieving this. Ellard’s Head of Business Transformation, John McGorrigan has recently undertaken his first session as a co-trainer, delivering Carbon Literacy training to senior employees from a range of Indutrade companies, aiding the journey to a Carbon Literate future for all of Indutrade.

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