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Charisma Blinds: A Case Study on Ellard's Automated Blind Solutions

Charisma Blinds in Bangor Co. Down has been supplying blind solutions in both the domestic and commercial sectors for over 28 years. They have seen increased demand for automation products in various applications and find the Ellard range covers all bases.

Philip Devlin – Charisma Blinds

Blind automation is becoming more prevalent and is something we are now installing regularly. Since switching across to Ellard motors, we have found them simple to install and set up; the motors offer quiet operation, which is a benefit to the home or business owner, and top of the list, they are reliable and have a healthy warranty. The market has changed somewhat over the past 28 years of trading, and we are finding automation offers end users the perfect affordable solution to their bespoke requirements.

Customer Testimonial

These are just fabulous! My son had them installed first, so I thought ‘I just have to get them for my sunroom’. The motors are so quiet and very handy to operate on such large roller blinds. Charisma has provided a fantastic modern solution to manual operation with the Ellard automation products. I now just need to add a Smart Home Hub so I can operate them remotely.

The Application Process

The Ellard 50 Series – B – E motor [BM35.3030] was installed in a 55mm honeycomb roller tube using our EMS-400 adaptors for this project. This offers increased rigidity; such was the span of both blinds [3 metres].

The wireless motors were operated by Ellard’s 15-channel digital display transmitter [BMTR.9055]. With a fast 28rpm motor speed and soft start/stop settings, this combination was the perfect solution for this project.

Additional features

When the customer adds the desired Mini Hub, they can operate the blinds remotely from the Shade Connector app. This not only provides total control from the comfort of their phone, but it also allows the end user to set the blind opening times and percentages. This choice not only enhances customer safety and security but also provides effective UV protection for delicate furnishings. Additionally, it offers solar shading and proficient heat management, ensuring a comprehensive solution for a comfortable and well-protected environment.

Get in Touch

In a changing landscape, automation has emerged as the affordable and tailor-made answer to the unique requirements of end-users. If you're ready to experience the modern convenience and precision of Ellard motors for your blind solutions or have any inquiries, please get in touch with our dedicated customer service team here.

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