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Craig Boyce creates spare parts initiative with a future of sustainability in mind

Ellard disposes of roughly two tonnes of scrap per month; the scrap is comprised of steel, rare earth minerals and plastics.

Stocking salvaged spares reduces the amount of packaging materials associated with ordering new spares from suppliers. The parts are harvested and reconditioned from products returned to Ellard from the customer. This reduces manufacturing material usage at the supplier's end as rather than create new parts we would be using perfectly good parts that are already here at Ellard. As we are using parts that are already on-site, we, therefore, reduce the energy consumption and cost of transportation to move the parts from our supplier in China to the UK. As an example, fire motor gearboxes were recently ordered from our Chinese supplier, and the cost of airfreight is $15 per kg plus administration fees.

This also avoids the costs both in time and financially to Ellard of having to raise a purchase order, communicate to the supplier, create documentation, pay the cost price for the goods and then warehouse breakdown of palleted goods upon delivery.

Sustainable business is about managing companies with an eye on the future. We strive to create long-term value and for us, sustainability is a driving force for developing our companies in generating sustainable, profitable growth.

Indutrade’s sustainability strategy represents a shared commitment that the businesses within the group continuously develop and improve in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

The sustainability strategy is built around three key elements: people, environment and profitable growth – with 2030 objectives set within each area.

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