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Diagnostics made easy: Introducing The Promax +

At Ellard one of our core beliefs is to innovate and simplify and this philosophy is integrated into every element of the business, from our products to our service and beyond. We are dedicated to providing simplicity without compromising any power or performance. One of our latest developments that truly reflects this ethos, is the addition of the Promax +.

The Promax + is the latest generation of our popular Promax panel, a superior product that promotes confidence and quality. The + panel includes the same features as our original Promax panel but has the addition of a multifunctional digital display.

Features of The Promax +

The digital display opens an array of features and benefits including:

  • Visual fault finding in plain English, no more confusing codes, or numbers.

  • Service and cycle counters are configurable on-screen.

  • Personalisation of on-screen messages to suit your company.

  • The ability to ‘lock’ the panel ensures your installation is secure.

  • Visual Door Status.

  • A number of future updates to further enhance the features of the panel.

Customised by Ellard’s technical department to provide a bespoke, user-friendly interface that is focused on simplicity. With the addition of all the features we love about the Promax, diagnostics are now easier than ever.

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