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Ellard products that will strengthen the safety and security of your garage door installation.

Garage door safety and security to give you total peace of mind.

Whichever system you choose, our automation solutions for garage doors offer an extra layer of safety and security for your total peace of mind. It’s important your customer is aware of and considers their safety and security needs when selecting the right automation solution. It’s essential to understand the different systems available to you to ensure your customer is fully satisfied with the installation and operation of their door.

Often garages are used as additional storage areas and most have additional access doors that lead into the house, they are often the main target for an attempted break-in. It’s important therefore to protect these entrances by providing safety devices that prevent damage to the property and user, whilst also offering a means of security when locked and not in use.

Choosing The Right Garage Door Automation Solution...

We offer systems to automate any garage door and have broken these down into the two solutions below. The first is our BLACK EDITION motor for traditional garage doors followed by our range of control panels for roller garage doors.

Traditional Garage Door Automation

If you need an added layer of security, upgrading an existing or new traditional garage door with our BLACK EDITION motor is a great option. Upgrading to this type of garage door system is the first step you can take in ensuring your installation is safe and secure. With features including obstacle detection during closing, force monitoring, and audible alarms if the door is left open for an extended period, The Black Edition is designed to give you that extra ease of mind. Additional security features include a ‘reverse’ drive system that automatically forces the door to close if an attempt to lift it is detected and, a mechanical guide lock that remains in place when the door is fully closed. This type of mechanical and electrical security helps to provide an additional barrier against intruders. Should an emergency arise, and you find yourself without power, all our systems can be manually operated through the manual override system.

Roller Garage Door Automation

It’s not surprising that one of the most popular types of garage doors in the UK is the roller garage door. This type of door offers great space-saving features, is fully insulated and has no points of leverage making it difficult for break-in and entry.

Nearly all roller garage doors are automated using a compact tubular motor. The motor includes, as standard, a mechanical override mechanism that is used to open and close the door in the event of power failure.

We offer an entry-level control panel called SIMPLE that has the option to add a wired safety edge with selectable impulse/deadman control and auto time close.

The Simple Panel has the following features:

· Safety edge deactivation (exclusion zone) permits the safety edge to be 'deactivated' 50mm from the floor ensuring full closure each time on uneven floors.

· Secure bi-directional radio control used to display the positional status of the garage door (open or closed). A red LED indicates an open door and blue a closed door. Bi-directional transmitters are required for this function.

· The front panel has two built on control buttons that permit motor limits and transmitters to be set and programmed without the need to enter the control panel.

· Full compliance with all current and foreseeable legislation when using our control system with a safety edge. The law requires that every garage door placed on the market is safe and all the legal requirements have been complied with. Choosing any Teleco control panel ensures full compliance with the norms – Peace of Mind.

· Encrypted remote controls with 868Mhz rolling code technology ensures a different single code is generated every time the door is operated, making it impossible for thieves to crack the code.

A more comprehensive control panel and Ellard’s most popular panel for roller garage doors is our TVNRG E02. This is now available as an upgraded controller with the option to connect a wired photocell (E04). A built-on convenience light, limit setting buttons and a choice of wired or wireless safety edge make this the ideal choice for roller garage doors.

In addition to the above, the TVNRGE02 has the following features:

· Choice of wired or wireless safety edge for optical and resistive edges all of which will stop and reverse a door if any obstacle is detected.

· Integrated 90dB alarm. Excessive force is detected activating the alarm and alerting the homeowner with an immediate and loud acoustic alarm. When used with a wired safety edge, any attempt to lift a fully closed door activates the alarm.

· Convenience Light to illuminate the garage with optional LED strips for external use during darkness. The timed operation of lighting ensures user safety in the dark.

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