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Ellard sees major growth through new starters across departments

The first quarter of the year marked a significant period of growth and transformation for Ellard as we strategically expanded our team with top-notch professionals in key positions. January and February witnessed an intensive recruitment process, resulting in the successful onboarding of a cadre of talented individuals who are now actively contributing to the company's evolution.

Among the noteworthy additions is Lee Smith, the newly appointed Head of Commercial, spearheading a revamped vision for Ellard's commercial team. Lee brings to the table a profound and comprehensive understanding of the entire business operations cycle, cultivated through two decades of diverse experience in project and product management, operations, sales, and commercial roles.

With a proven track record spanning industries such as defence, heavy machinery, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, as well as general engineering and manufacturing, Lee Smith's wealth of knowledge and innovative perspectives are warmly embraced by the Ellard team. His arrival signifies a strategic move to infuse fresh ideas and expertise into the company, marking a pivotal step in Ellard's journey of transformation. In Lee’s own words, “I’m excited to learn more about the business over the coming weeks and I am eager to help steer Ellard into launching innovative new products to our existing customer base, whilst also reaching a greater audience for long-term success.”

Ellard welcomes a remarkable addition to its team with the introduction of Lorna Bitakaramire. Taking on the role of External Account Manager for the South East region, Lorna brings a wealth of expertise in commercial sales, instilling in her the confidence to assist customers from diverse backgrounds. Her extensive experience has equipped her to navigate the intricacies of client relations with ease. Enthusiastic about guiding customers through Ellard's journey, Lorna is poised to contribute significantly to the company's growth and customer satisfaction.

Propelling Ellard into a new era of innovation in product research and development, Fizzah Tauqeer has recently joined our technical department, infusing a fresh stream of ideas for the future. Having first become acquainted with Ellard during a six-month placement as a Graduate Engineer at Indutrade, Ellard’s parent company, Fizzah's return marks a significant milestone.

Reflecting on her initial experience, Fizzah shared insights into her journey, stating, “Ellard stands out to me for its spirit of camaraderie within their teams and their dedication to excellence. People at Ellard don’t hesitate to show they care, and I feel I have been welcomed this past week with just as much warmth as I felt 2 years ago. I am looking forward, this time around, to dynamic challenges and the opportunity to make a lasting impact.”

In her new capacity, Fizzah is determined to elevate Ellard’s product capabilities, aiming not just to meet but exceed market expectations. Collaborating with customers is a key focus for the upcoming year, with a commitment to delivering new and improved solutions while maintaining a paramount emphasis on quality. Fizzah's primary objective is to enhance internal quality control procedures, ensuring the consistent delivery of a premium product.

In the ever-evolving landscape of our technical team, the welcomed inclusion of Thomas Rhodes stands out as a highly advantageous development. His primary responsibility involves providing invaluable assistance to our advanced team in addressing technical inquiries from our customers. Tom not only contributes a wealth of experience but also brings an infectious spirit that resonates within the team.

The arrival of Tom marks a significant milestone for our technical team, elevating us to a monumental position. We are now poised to deliver unparalleled service to our customers while simultaneously enhancing the quality of our product. His presence reinforces our commitment to excellence and signifies a promising era of growth and improvement.

We've seen an exceptional start to the year in terms of growth, marked by the addition of several new team members across various departments. Emphasising the philosophy of having the right people in the right roles, we believe this has been successfully achieved.

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