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Ellard Team Members Review Training Sessions

At Ellard, we are actively encouraging our customers as well as our members of staff to participate in the training courses that we supply, which are held in our in-house training facility.

We run several sessions where you can learn about the different forms of door automation that are available in the Ellard product range. These sessions can include learning about industrial motors, garage door products, gate motors, gate hardware, and the range of blind motors and associated accessories. By increasing the knowledge of our customers and customer service team, it will help our efficiency with customer enquiries, queries, quotes, and orders.

Improving knowledge of the customer service team is extremely important, so as well as providing internal training to staff with the technical team and external sales team we are also encouraging the teams to join in on the training days that we provide to our customers.

By doing this it shows the team a different insight into the products as they will be involved with learning how to fit the products and will also hear questions from the engineers that they might not have heard before.

Recently Tony, Joel and Mike from the customer service team have all been involved with various sessions run by both our technical team and the blinds division. When joining in on a customer training session with Midas, Tony from the customer service team has said that it was extremely interesting to see how the products are wired up and fitted as this is something that isn’t mentioned when product training. He also said that it was good to hear what types of questions we were being asked by the engineers as it let him see a different viewpoint and allowed him to learn about the products in more detail and depth.

Not only did the training day allow Tony to learn about the products but being involved in the training day also allowed him to learn about the company in more detail. This gave him more knowledge on how they run as a company, what they prefer to buy and what they sell more of.

Moving forward we are encouraging more staff and customers to get involved in the training days and make the most of the facilities we have here at Ellard, as it is proving to be beneficial for both parties.

If this is something, you would be interested in please feel free to get in contact with our training facilitator Les Potts at

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