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Embracing Evolution: Revamping Ellard's Technical Department

In the ever-evolving landscape of innovation and customer-centricity, Ellard is making transformative changes within our esteemed Technical Department.

These advancements stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to ensuring Ellard's growth while guaranteeing unparalleled satisfaction among our valued customers.

These changes represent a new milestone in our journey, reaffirming Ellard's position as an organisation dedicated to setting new benchmarks in technical excellence and customer satisfaction.

Bart Nowak - Technical & Quality Manager

Bart Nowak is stepping into the pivotal role of Technical and Quality Manager. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Bart will oversee and manage all technical activities within the business.

As a valued member of the Operational Management Team, Bart's influence extends far and wide, fostering relationships with stakeholders both within and outside the organisation. His leadership skills shine through, inspiring and guiding teams toward precise and efficient work within a collaborative environment.

Collaborating closely with other managers and peers, Bart will be spearheading the development, implementation, and evaluation of technical advice and product development strategies, encouraging innovation and efficiency across his domain.

Dave England: Principal Technical Engineer (Production)

Dave England is moving into the role of Principal Technical Engineer for Production at Ellard, a new chapter in technical expertise and customer support. 

With vast amount of knowledge on Ellard's products, Dave's knowledge and support, serves as an important resource for both internal staff and external customers.

He ensures unparalleled guidance and assistance, extending from product installation to fault resolution, catering to the diverse needs of our customers. Drawing from a wealth of experience within team-driven environments, Dave brings invaluable insights into customer requirements and behaviors, enhancing our ability to deliver top-tier service. 

His contribution to the Production department, whether through hands-on assistance or strategic guidance, promises to elevate the technical landscape within Ellard. Additionally, Dave's involvement in the evaluation of new products and product launch activities underscores his integral role in steering Ellard toward innovative advancements and sustained excellence.

Mark Grice:  Principal Technical Engineer (Knowledge)

Mark Grice moves to the role of Principal Technical Engineer for Knowledge at Ellard, bringing a wealth of expertise and passion for the company's offerings. His commitment to Ellard's products shines through as an expert for both staff and customers seeking technical support. 

He stands as the cornerstone of Ellard's commitment to exceptional customer service through his provision of tailored and complimentary technical training sessions.

Mark's dedication is evident in his bespoke training experiences for all Ellard customers, ensuring they understand the full potential of our offerings. His personalised approach for each customer, as he customises each session to address specific needs, offers customers an in-depth knowledge on product usage, installation intricacies, and trouble shooting.

Mark's passion for providing comprehensive training builds a strong relationships with customers, fostering a deeper understanding of Ellard's products.

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