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Empowering women in the workplace.

As an employer operating in a male-dominated industry, there is a responsibility that needs to be upheld to change the narrative of women in industrial, manufacturing and operational job roles. Ellard strongly believes in promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace with a recent focus on empowering and growing our female employees while ensuring fair treatment and opportunities in every workplace situation.

On Wednesday the 8th of September, Danielle Jackson (Head of Customer Service), Danielle Clubb (Marketing Manager), Charlene Cowhig (Company Accountant) and Jan Edwards (Credit Controller) as well and a number of other women from the Indutrade group finished their journey on the Skills 4 Empower program where they learnt valuable skills not only for the workplace but also for everyday life. Feelings and emotions were high as these women graduated from the course with the widely shared feeling of boosted confidence and a new outlook on themselves and their capabilities.

Women have a lot of impacts when it comes to a company’s wealth. Generally, companies with more diverse boards yield greater stock market returns adjusted for sector bias, and companies with higher female representation at the board level or in top management exhibit higher returns on equity, higher valuations and higher payout ratios. There is a clear correlation between diversity, better corporate financial performance and higher stock market valuations, and companies that have a higher representation of women frequently enjoy the better financial performance.

Mix men and women to build teams designed to make better, smarter decisions. That’s the recommendation of researchers who study collective intelligence, a term used to describe a measure of the general effectiveness of a group on a wide range of tasks. Thanks to collective intelligence, mixed-gender teams typically outperform individuals when tackling tough tasks.

Ellard will continue to tackle the gender gap in the industry we operate in and the Empower course will be available to all employees to ensure the highly beneficial skills learnt on this course are accessible no matter who you are.

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