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Ensuring efficiency in the workplace.

The customer service team at Ellard are working extremely hard to improve the level of service that we can provide to customers by taking numerous steps to streamline processes as much as we can. We have discussed the introduction of splitting the team into proactive and reactive, as well as the plan to implement Conexiom which is an automated order entry system. In addition to this, we have also recently installed a customer service dashboard.

Displayed in the centre of the office, the dashboard is visible to all the customer service team. Providing real-time information on incoming calls; showing details of answered calls and missed or abandoned calls, this information allows us to monitor volumes of calls and investigate the reason behind missed or abandoned calls. The addition of the dashboard, also allows our team to trace the phone numbers of the missed calls and get back in touch with those customers, ensuring that no enquires are missed.

These features will assist the team in improving service, aiding in the development of their productivity, efficiency, and the ability to offer a more personalised experience. This also aligns with our goal of improving customer intimacy, giving us further tools as we aim to surpass our customers’ expectations.

Further functions include bringing a visual awareness to when a call is waiting as it might not necessarily be their line that is ringing. As well as this, the dashboard displays the waiting time of the calls next in the queue, this data encourages the team to pick up as soon as they can, as the timer is a visual reminder so that we can provide the quickest and highest level of service possible.

All the data collected from the dashboard presents in one last figure, the customer service level. This figure is shown as a percentile. At the start of the workday, we have 100% and we aim to keep this as high as possible throughout the day. However, this level will go down if a call is abandoned or a customer has been waiting for longer than 15 seconds. The ever-changing percentage encourages the team to work to the best efficiency possible.

A similar dashboard has also been introduced into the warehouse, this data includes the number of orders that have been sent out and completed per day as well as a measure of any errors or overdue work, which encourages speed and precision.

Eventually, most departments will have their own dashboard which will encourage all staff at Ellard to provide the best service we can for all our customer

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