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Ensuring Safety at Home: Ellard's Blind Motors

The quest for a safe, secure, and comfortable home environment is a priority for all homeowners. With innovations in smart home technology, products like motorised blinds have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and style. However, safety concerns, particularly for children and pets, are paramount when incorporating such features into our living spaces.

Here's how we’ve prioritised safety in our products:

With our motorised blinds, various integrated mechanisms ensure safe operation and a hazard-free environment.

Cordless Designs: Traditional blinds with cords can pose a strangulation hazard for children. Ellard's cordless motorised blinds eliminate this risk entirely, providing a safe environment for kids to explore without any dangling cords. 

Pets, especially cats, might be attracted to cords and strings. Ellard's cordless design removes this temptation, keeping pets safe from entanglement.

Remote-Controlled Operation: Ellard’s blinds can be operated via remote control or smart devices, eliminating the need for manual operations that could endanger children. With our transmitters and app controllers, you keep the control in your hands offering you complete peace of mind.

Quiet Operation: Children and pets can be sensitive to loud noises. Ellard's motors are engineered for quiet operation, ensuring that the movement of blinds won’t startle or stress.

Overheat Protection: Our motors are equipped with overheat protection mechanisms to prevent any fire hazards, ensuring safe operation even over extended periods.

Ellard is committed to safety, whether it’s concerning children, pets, or your general environment. We aim to set a benchmark in the industry, by incorporating innovative designs that prioritise user safety, to guarantee our motorised blinds are a viable and secure addition to any home.

When considering home improvements like motorised blinds, it's essential to prioritise safety. Ellard's dedication to this aspect ensures that while enjoying the convenience and style of our products, homeowners can also relax, knowing that their loved ones are safe and sound.

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